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  • ARTES Call For Ideas

    ESA is pleased to invite members of the satellite communication industry from European Member States and Canada to participate in the ARTES Call For Ideas. ESA is looking for proposals for long-term preliminary studies and technology development-related activities.

  • ASMS/SPSC 2014

    Learn about recent advances and emerging technologies in mobile, broadband and broadcast satellite communication systems at ASMS/SPSC 2014, in Livorno, Italy, on 8-10 September.

  • Online Satellite Broadband Tool Unveiled

    The European Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) has introduced an online webtool to enable European citizens to find a satellite broadband provider who can provide them with connectivity. ESA has played a key role in the development of satellite broadband.

  • Second update of satcom monitoring study now available

    The second update of the ARTES 1 activity Satcom Market Monitoring Study is now available for download from the ARTES 1 Market Intelligence Reports site.

  • ESA maps communication gaps in the Arctic

    The arctic “short cut” is on ESA´s radar. As many forecasts for Arctic sea ice show an eventual progression toward stretches of open water and thin ice, the seasonal use of the Arctic Ocean as an intercontinental trade route is becoming a viable option.

  • CBICT Reference Model now available

    A toolkit to assist in the conception, design and implementation of projects that help in the empowerment and growth of communities and organisations in developing countries through the use of satellite communications is now available for download.

  • 'IP Networking over Satellite' Workshop

    In order to present recent results and offer a forum to specialists wishing to exchange ideas in the rapidly evolving field of satellite networking, Frank Zeppenfeldt, Communication Engineer and Roberto Donadio, Applications and Standardization Principal Engineer are organising an ESA Telecom workshop on IP networking.

  • SatNEx, the European Satellite Communication Network of Excellence, continues with ESA support

    The work of the Satellite Communication Network of Excellence (SatNEx) initially supported by the European Union (EU) is continuing with support from ESA´s TIA Directorate through the Advanced Research in Telecommuncations Programme (ARTES) and the Technical Directorate Network of Centers programmes.

  • Studies launched to determine satcom´s role in future telecoms systems

    ARTES 1, the strategy element of ESA´s telecommunications programme, has launched two new studies to determine the significant role satcoms shall play in future telecommunications systems.

  • ESA participates in Future Internet activities with new study

    A new study to determine satcom´s role in Future Internet (FI) has been initiated by ESA´s Telecommunications Programme. The Ï•SAT study will investigate the technical feasibility and business viability of the integration of satcom within terrestrial FI networks.