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  • Integrasys achieves Award-Winning Development with ESA support

    Integrasys has worked with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an award-winning solution, ALUSAT.

  • New ITAR-free Motor Gearbox for Space

    Within ARTES C&G Product phase, Reliance Precision Ltd have developed the EuroSMG Stepper Motor Gearbox, designed to meet the mechanism requirements for a high-power telecoms satellite application as specified by Airbus Defence & Space Limited.

  • TESAT-Spacecom’s New C-Band Portfolio

    Tesat-Spacecom has extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of passive Microwave Products for satellite payloads. Their product portfolio includes components such as switches, filters, circulators, couplers, OMUXs / IMUXs and subsystems, the majority of which are in a frequency range from 7 GHz up to 30 GHz. 


    During the latest G7 Summit in Taormina, Italy, in May 2017, the surrounding area was monitored using an aircraft of the Italian Ministry of Defense equipped with the Space Engineering Janus Aero antenna system. This is part of the Satcom system used by Leonardo Airborne and Space Systems Division (ASSD). The aircraft provided video footage monitoring of the Summit area.

  • Dutch startup to launch satcoms service for Internet of Things

    A Dutch start-up is attracting investors for its forthcoming low-power satellite service.

  • New pocketqubesat developed with ARTES Entry support

    26 October 2016 – With the support of ESA and Innovate UK, a Scottish startup, Alba Orbital, has built a tiny satellite called  Unicorn-1 that is slated for launch in early 2017.

  • iSat wins VSAT tender with support from ARTES Entry

    4 October 2016 – How ESA helped one British SME get a foothold in the highly competitive global space industry.

  • New element name: ARTES Core Competitiveness

    12 October 2016 – The European Space Agency’s Telecoms and Integrated Applications directorate (TIA) has announced a new element of the ARTES programme, called ARTES Core Competitiveness, which merges two formerly self-standing ARTES elements,  Competitiveness & Growth and Advanced Technology. 

  • Newtec wins industry award at IBC 2016

    20 September 2016 – At IBC 2016, Newtec (BE) was presented with CSI Magazine’s “Best Cable or Satellite IP Solution” award for the second release of its DVB-S2X-compatible MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway. 

  • Single-satellite interference mitigation solution

    10 September 2016 – Siemens Convergence Creators has developed a new interference geolocation system, ILS ONE, that works with a single satellite. It has been successfully deployed by Eutelsat since early 2016, and other operators are now evaluating the system.