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  • Workshop: Demonstrating applications using HYLAS 1 satellite

    A workshop presenting the opportunity to use capacity on the HYLAS 1 satellite will take place on 19 October at the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC), Harwell Oxford Campus, UK.

  • Hylas-1 ready for service

    It´s all systems go for Hylas-1, the first satellite created specifically to deliver broadband access to European consumers.

  • Cont-Trak

    - Demonstrating efficient container tracking

    Whether at sea, on rail, staggered or stored, shipping containers can now be tracked worldwide via satellite.

  • A new generation for DVB-RCS

    Specifications for the second generation of the digital video broadcasting-return channel satellite (DVB-RCS) standard have been approved and published under the name RCS2. A wide panel of experts participated in this two-year effort, one of the largest efforts ever undertaken in satellite communications standardisation.

  • Successful workshop promotes space-based applications

    Space-based applications do assist in daily life, and ESA is open to all ideas from its Member States to make this happen. This was the clear message sent to the participants of the ARTES Applications workshop held recently at ESA´s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

  • S-Band Experimental Campaigns Event 2010

    The results of several ESA projects running mobile satellite system activities relating to S-Band systems were presented. These projects included J-ORTIGIA, DENISE, MiLADY and CME.

  • Industrial and commercial agreement between Alcatel Space and Astrium for AlphaBus

    On June 19, the European satellite communications industry reached a landmark of cooperation at Le Bourget air show in France. The accord regards collaboration on large space platform AlphaBus.

  • Hylas-1 in orbit brings Europe broadband from space

    A flawless launch has delivered Hylas-1, ESA´s first public-private partnership in a full satellite system, into space. The satellite was released on 26 November into its transfer orbit after a textbook launch by an Ariane 5 vehicle from Europe´s Spaceport in French Guiana.

  • New website for Hylas-1 launch

    A website dedicated to launch of Hylas-1 is now on line. This special website provides you with a variety of information about Hylas-1, including it's background, the Hylas-1 mission and an image gallery.

  • Hylas-1 readied for launch from Europe´s Spaceport

    Hylas-1 has arrived at Europe´s Spaceport in French Guiana. Its next journey will be to space, on an Ariane 5 launcher towards its operational orbit nearly 36 000 km up.