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  • S-UMTS 'Robmod' completes development

    A ESA funded project team have completed the development of the Robmod S-UMTS Laboratory Testbed. The testbed allows a faithful emulation, in a laboratory environment, of a complete third-generation satellite system based on the adaptation of the terrestrial UMTS physical layer.

  • WICOR Completes Test Phase

    An ESA Telecom funded project to design an intelligent user terminal router for wireless communications has completed its testing phase. The project, known as WICOR for Multifunctional Wireless Communications Router, demonstrated exceptional reliability in routing connections between mobile devices.

  • REMSAT (Real-time Emergency Management via Satellites)

    REMSAT (Real-time Emergency Management via Satellites)

  • The role of broadband networks in securing knowledge-based regions

    The South West Regional Authority, in association with the EU Committee of the Regions, has hosted a major international conference on "Knowledge Based Regions in the Information Society - the Role of Broadband Technology in Securing a Vibrant eSociety" in Killarney/Ireland on April 5th and 6th.

  • ESA Telecom Announces 4th round Start-up Projects Initiative

    To date, ESA Telecom has launched three rounds of the Start-up Projects Initiative to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) enter the satcom sector. Previous results have encouraged ESA Telecom to expand and refine the scheme to build on the initial successes.

  • Irish schools to receive funding for broadband

    The Irish Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources together with the Telecommunications Industry Federation in Ireland have announced plans to fund Irish schools' access to broadband with 18 Million Euro.

  • 'Start-up Projects Initiative' Workshop

    The latest workshop for projects from the Start-up Initiative will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2004. Its purpose is for SME's that have or almost have completed their projects to exchange experiences with those companies that have begun or are in the middle of their projects.

  • Integrated Applications and User Terminals Presentation online

    A presentation detailing the structure of the ESA Telecom Programme Line User Segment for the current ITT has been made available to companies. The public presentation, scheduled for Monday 1 March has unfortunately been cancelled.

  • International Conference to discuss Broadband issues

    The Southwest Regional Authority in Ireland is holding a Pan European Union Conference from 5 to 6 April under the title "Knowledge Based Regions in the Information Society - The Role of Broadband Technology in securing a vibrant eSociety".

  • Find out more about space-based solutions for digital equality

    ESA Telecom of the European Space Agency have set up a resource of background information and news on current activities to describe how space-based technologies can help bridge 'the digital divide'.