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  • Espresso Education receives BETT awards

    Winning in two areas, the awards confirm the United Kingdom based company's reputation as the number one Schools' Content Provider in Britain.

  • Espresso wins EMMA Education Award

    Espresso wins EMMA Education Award

  • Espresso wins European Broadband Award for creative use of archive content

    Espresso wins European Broadband Award for creative use of archive content

  • Overview of Projects for November

    November 2003 saw the publication of thirteen project pages on the ESA Telecom website covering a wide variety of satcom activities.

  • Data dissemination for Earth Observation to receive efficiency boost

    Europe has achieved important successes in many scientific areas of Earth observation with SAR imagery, interferometry, oceanic altimetry, and atmospheric chemistry, to name just a few.

  • SAGAN debuts at Applications Workshop

    Running applications on the web has become easier. A new software project which aims to help ESA Telecom users to reserve and monitor their required bandwidth via web has entered its validation phase. The project, called SAGAN, made its first appearance on September 23 at the ESA Telecom Applications Workshop.

  • Low cost Outdoor Units come closer to reality

    Invacom and Raven Manufacturing of the United Kingdom teamed up with ESA to develop the world's least expensive Outdoor Units (ODU's) and antennas for DVB-RCS systems. A target price for a 2W Ku-band output power unit, including an 80cm antenna, can reach less than 400 euro in production volumes of 1000.

  • ESA Telecom starts first project with Greece

    The Greek company ATTISAT has just begun a new project funded by ESA Telecom, making this the first project begun by a Greek company. In October, the design review took place and specifications for the project are being reviewed.

  • Some documents currently unavailable

    Due to some work on the current authentication structure of the documentation on the website, password secured documents are currently not available.

  • ESA-Industry team receives IEEE award

    The Jack Neubauer Memorial Award for the best systems paper published in the IEEE "Transactions on Vehicular Technology" journal has been given to a joint ESA-industry team. The award ceremony took place at the annual IEEE Vehicular Technology Systems Conference.