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  • Satcoms support for modular smartphones

    26 August 2015 – ESA is making funding available to help promising European SMEs build satcom components for modular smartphones. This ARTES 5.1 ITT closes on 14 October. 

  • Payload Technologies and Products

    Event: Final Presentation Days

    To be held 3-5 February 2015, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

  • New ARTES 5.1 Schedule Adjustment CCN

    The Contract Change Notice template should be used when a contract change is required that affects only the schedule of a running ARTES 5.1 activity. If further contractual changes are required (e.g. new or amended work package content, changes to deliverables) the standard CCN template defined in the contract should be used instead.

  • Tesat's new high-power Ka-band output multiplexer

    Because of ever-increasing data rates, a critical component for the new generation of Ka-band satellites is a high-power Output Multiplexer (OMUX).

  • Supercapacitors in space

    Increasingly common on Earth, supercapacitors may soon be finding their way on to telecommunications satellites.

  • ASTRIUM's Ku-band feed chain: a commercial success

    ASTRIUM (DE) has had a notable success with its Ku-band Tx/Rx High Power Feed Chain, which was co-funded under ARTES.

  • Can common MIMO techniques improve satellite communications?

    In a multi-year project supported by the European Space Agency´s ARTES programme, a consortium led by Elektrobit (Finland) explored the challenges of applying MIMO techniques to satellite systems.

  • ARTES Call For Ideas

    ESA is pleased to invite members of the satellite communication industry from European Member States and Canada to participate in the ARTES Call For Ideas. ESA is looking for proposals for long-term preliminary studies and technology development-related activities.

  • A promising approach for deorbiting retired spacecraft

    In a project funded by ESA, Surrey University (UK) has developed a unique way to deorbit end-of-life satellites. It is nearing its first test in space.

  • COM DEV to supply TT&C transponders for FORMOSAT-7

    COM DEV Europe has been awarded a contract to supply TT&C transponders for the first six FORMOSAT-7 spacecraft.