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  • Megaconstellation as Enablers for New Service and Applications Opportunities

    Open Invitation To Tender - Closing date: 30 December 2016

    The main purpose of this activity is to identify and analyse services and applications for which a disruptive change could emerge from the deployment of mega-constellations. The activity shall focus on the down-stream space applications segment and shall characterize concrete service opportunities.

  • 6th Annual ARTES Applications Workshop

    28 - 29 April 2016, Brussels (Belgium)

    The 6th annual ARTES Applications Workshop took place in Brussels on the 28th and 29th April 2016. This year’s workshop was organised by ESA’s ARTES Applications department and the Belgian Science Policy Office, Belspo.

  • 2016 Industry Space Days

    20 - 22 September 2016, ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

    Industry Space Days (ISD) are organised by ESA to bring together the main European players in the space sector. The main purpose is to increase the involvement of SMEs in space activities and to foster cross-fertilisation between the different actors in this sector. UPDATE: programme now online

  • Newtec introduces industry's first DVB-S2X VSAT modem

    18 March 2016 – Newtec is the first satellite equipment manufacturer to deliver a high-speed VSAT modem based on the new S2X standard. With the new terminal, the Belgian company is targeting the high-end mobility, IP trunking and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) markets.

  • TAS developing a reconfigurable antenna

    15 March 2016 – With the support of ESA, Thales Alenia Space France (TAS-F) has developed a prototype of a reflector antenna that can be reconfigured in orbit, a breakthrough that the company believes has great commercial potential.

  • Payload technologies and products in the spotlight at ESTEC

    9 March 2016 – A recent four-day event held at ESTEC provided a broad overview of current payload technology and product development.

  • ESA and Inmarsat move forward with Iris Service Evolution

    8 March 2016 – ESA and UK satellite operator Inmarsat are forging ahead with the development of air–ground communications via satellite as part of Europe’s plan to modernise air traffic management across the continent and beyond.

  • An embedded GNSS receiver for GEO

    7 March 2016 – Using GNSS for autonomous station-keeping is a significant breakthrough that should reduce operational costs and improve pointing performance of telecoms satellites. With the support of ESA, Thales Alenia Space Italia has developed a GNSS receiver module that can be hosted on a spacecraft's on-board computer.

  • Announcement of Opportunity: ESA GOVSATCOM Precursor

    UPDATE: The deadline for submitting a Notification of Intent has been extended until 23 March 2016 12:00pm.
    26 February 2016 – Over the past two years both the European Council and the EU Competitiveness Council have called for the preparation of the next generation of governmental satellite communications, through close cooperation among Member States, EDA, the EC and ESA. 

  • ESA launches new Space4Rail web portal

    22 February 2016 – ARTES is one of four ESA programmes taking part in the Agency's new Space4Rail initiative, which addresses how the challenges and needs of the rail sector can be met by the use of space-based solutions.