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  • An ultra-portable satcoms antenna

    16 October 2015 – With the support of ESA through the ARTES programme, Munich-based HPS has developed a highly portable Ku-band antenna with emergency situtations and disaster relief in mind.

  • Fast-tracking support for Megaconstellations: a first step

    15 October 2015 – The Megaconstellations Industry Information Day held on 6 October at ESTEC enabled representatives from European and Canadian space industry to learn more about ESA's new Megaconstellation Workplan, which is designed to support the European and Canadian space industry's competitiveness in the various megaconstellation initiatives that have been announced around the world.

  • ARTES Future Preparations Final Presentation Days 2016 (ARTES 1)

    13-14 January 2016, ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

    The Final Presentation Days represent a unique opportunity to gain a complete overview of recently completed ARTES Future Preparations activities, and to discuss them with colleagues from ESA and other representatives of the satellite telecommunications sector. Registration is now open.

  • ARTES Megaconstellation Announcement

    How to indicate your intention to submit a proposal

    The attached announcement form serves as advanced notification to initiate the process between ESA, Industry and National Delegations may eventually result in an ARTES Megaconstellation activity.

  • Tracking marine animals with satcoms

    2 October 2015 – Satellite monitoring of wildlife has become a critical tool for environmental research purposes. Through the ARTES programme, ESA has been supporting the development and testing of a new low-cost wildlife tag that uses satcoms technology.

  • The Vega launcher for telecoms

    30 September 2015 – Two ARTES-supported studies of ESA's Vega rocket provide the telecommunications satellite industry with a strategic roadmap for future developments in the highly competetive global launcher market.


  • 3rd ESA Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads

    21-24 March 2016, ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

    The Workshop organisers are now accepting the submission of abstracts. The deadline has been extended to 20 January 2016.

  • Neosat moves into high gear

    15 September 2015 – ESA and Thales Alenia Space have signed a contract for the full development and qualification of a new line of satellite platforms called Spacebus Neo. The agreement marks the next phase of the ARTES 14 Neosat programme.

  • Tackling VSAT interference

    10 September 2015 – Satellite operators and service providers are enthusiastic about a novel solution for mitigating interference from VSAT terminals that was developed with the support of ESA under ARTES 5.2.

  • IBC 2015: Satellite TV over IP with content encryption

    8 September 2015 – Global Invacom and satellite operator Avanti, with the support of ESA under ARTES 5.2, and Microsoft, are presenting an innovative end-to-end solution at IBC 2015 that delivers satellite broadcast TV and broadband to a home environment over standard IP-enabled networks, such as Ethernet and WiFi.