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  • Existing TV satellites may gain new voice

    ESA engineers are proposing a technique to enable a digital satellite radio service for European drivers - without the need to launch a single new satellite into orbit.

  • Protecting new ideas

    Intellectual property (IP) is the driving force behind any research and development organisation. ESA needs Europe's scientific and technical community to come up with the new ideas to ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of the space community.

  • Agreement between ESA and CNES for Alphabus

    On Wednesday 15 March, at the headquarters of the European Space Agency a co-operation agreement was signed between ESA and the Centre National d'Études Spatiales for the development of AlphaBus, Europe's next generation of telecommunication satellites.

  • AmerHis aiding in communications for German Army

    With the aim of improving communications between units in remote areas and headquarters, the German company IABG has recently completed trials for the German Army using the AmerHis satellite communication system. The German Army intends to apply lessons learnt from these trials to scenarios encompassing disaster management, humanitarian aid and telemedicine.

  • ESA enables video-conference between arctic explorers and Dutch State Secretary

    A mobile video conference allowed communication between the arctic exploration team in Greenland led by Marc Cornelissen and Dutch State Secretary for the Environment Mr Pieter van Geel in the Netherlands on 9 May. Two video-conferencing sessions took place, both via the ESA Multimedia Van.

  • Lowering the cost of satellite operations

    A new automation software tool developed through a project supported by ESA Telecom will enable satellite operators to decrease operator workload and lead to significant cost savings.

  • Making the most of emerging Internet access technologies

    A study commissioned by ESA and being carried out by the Canadian company OmniGlobe will look at how new access technologies, such as WiMAX, can be used to make broadband Internet service access using satellite connections cheaper and more effective.

  • Bringing Satellite Broadband to Britain

    There still remain many areas of Europe without access to Broadband Internet, but a project supported by the European Space Agency's Satellite Telecommunications Department is helping to bridge this Digital Divide. Soon to reach thousand of users, the project called INSPIRE will also act as a precursor for services on the upcoming HYLAS satellite.

  • Satellite Solutions for Civil Protection

    On 24 November 2006 the second meeting of the advisory board on the 'Action Plan on Satellite Communications for Civil Protection' is being hosted in Vienna by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.

  • REMSAT video now available

    A video covering disaster relief in flood situations has been made publically available by Telesat, the contractor for the highly successful, ESA Telecom supported project REMSAT 2.