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  • Avanti acquires Translucis

    Avanti, a leading UK broadband telecommunications specialist, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Translucis, the Diageo-backed digital media network. The deal will see Avanti taking on Translucis' Magnix technology platform and 'Magnetic' in-bar TV channel.

  • Wireless Technologies shrink the Digital Divide

    Two wireless technologies are being used to bring broadband connections to rural areas of England and Scotland. Both local residents and knowledge workers migrating to these areas can both take advantage from this new project. A boost to these rural economies and the market for satellite technologies will also benefit.

  • Broadband access for remote areas in the UK

    Avanti Screenmedia of London, UK, will launch an innovative project to bring broadband service to remote locations in the UK.

  • Broadband on Trains

    European citizens are today demanding access to broadband networks, not just while stationary but also while travelling. Users are already able to access Internet at train stations and airports. Providing this access while passengers are aboard the trains is the logical next step.

  • Road testing technologies of the future

    The European Space Agency (ESA) is offering industry the opportunity to use a fully equipped van to demonstrate the next generation of advanced mobile multimedia equipment and applications.

  • Tsunami victims receive treatment via satellite

    The ESA Telecom funded project<BR>I-DISCARE is being employed to connect mobile teams of rescue workers with hospitals via satellite, greatly improving medical care for victims along the coastal areas ravaged by last month's tsunami.

  • Astrium Team completes WeB System

    The broadband arena is a promising market with high demand and rapid growth. But it is also a challenging market for satellite industry, requiring focused and optimised solutions in order to compete with and/or to complement what is available terrestrially.

  • Broadband access reaches westernmost points of Ireland

    The Irish based Southwest Broadband Initiative (SWB) has established a satellite based wireless LAN broadband connection in Cahirciveen, County Kerry located at 51 degrees 56' 68" North and 10 degrees 13' 80" West. The most western point in Europe this technology has ever reached.

  • ESA road map for telemedicine

    How can space improve telemedicine and what do users need? These are some of the questions that will be discussed by telemedicine experts and policy makers at the Telemedicine via Satellite: the ESA Road Map Symposium, on 5 July at ESA's Space Research Institute, ESRIN/Italy.

  • Extending the reach of Disaster Relief from Fire to Flood

    Different disasters require different responses and in turn multiple technological solutions, which is a costly duplication of resources. REMSAT II, a project supported by ESA Telecom has, however, successfully extended forest fire fighting capabilities to the domain of flood relief, saving both resources and lives.