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  • Final Presentation on HDTV

    The Final Presentation announcing results of the ESA Telecom funded study HDTV Opportunities for Satellite Broadcasting will be made at ESA/ESTEC on 5 April 2005.

  • 2005 Practitioners' Forum

    On 18 March the European Centre for Space Law, which is based at ESA's headquarters in Paris, is organising a one-day Practioners' Forum on 'New Development in the Field of Satellite Telecommunications'. All those interested in the legal issues surrounding satellite telecommunications are invited to attend.

  • AmerHis successfully completes Ground Segment tests

    Ground Segment tests for the AmerHis <i>'Switchboard in Space'</i> were successfully completed at separate locations in Spain on 4 February 2005 and mark the first combined use of in-orbit and ground segment equipment.

  • ITT Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment 2005 - 1st Issue

    The ARTES-3 Line 2 theme "Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment" supports industries in the process of developing or enhancing their products to match specific opportunities in the multimedia domain.

  • Presentations from Workshop on Satellite Data Link System now available

    The workshop has specifically addressed the potential interest for the European civil aviation community of deploying, in some ten years time and for the sole purpose of Air Traffic Management, a new specifically tailored satellite based radio-communication system, in order to allow accommodation of the expected additional air traffic demand.

  • Telemedicine is healthcare's new frontier

    Telemedicine is healthcare's new frontier, a means of facilitating the distribution of human resources and professional competences. It can speed up diagnosis and therapeutic care delivery and allow peripheral and primary healthcare providers to receive continuous assistance from specialised centres.

  • AmerHis In-Orbit tests a complete success

    Results from the recently completed AmerHis in-orbit tests report that the payload is operating extremely well; this was made known during the 7th Co-ordination Meeting which took place at ESA/ESTEC on 14 December 2004.

  • PC/TV interactivity just a Snapshot away

    The line between TV and PC Internet is being further blurred by a recently completed ESA Telecom project called TV Snapshot from the Luxembourg company GAX.

  • Meeting the needs of global healthcare with satellite technology

    Health professionals need telemedicine via satellite for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and education. This is the conclusion of the ESA initiative which plans to propose a Telemedicine via satellite programme at the next ESA ministerial conference.

  • Broadband Internet service, a boost for rural Ireland

    The South West Regional Authority in Ireland has secured funding from ESA to carry out trials that will provide high bandwidth broadband Internet access via satellite to remote areas of the country.