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  • Seamless Internet Connection completes sea-trial

    In a project designed to make the transition from sea-to-shore internet networks seamless, the French company Udcast has completed sea trials. Tested on the Mediterranean Sea, the trial involved two maritime vessels and was successful.

  • Satmode Modem Layer specification announced

    The Modem Layer specification of the SATMODE system is now available for comments. The SATMODE project is an ESA co-funded activity launched in Dec 2002 for the development of a very low cost satellite interactive system for consumer applications.

  • ESA Telecom welcomes new director

    Giuseppe Viriglio has been appointed Director of European Union and Industrial Programmes (D/EUI). Made in June 2004, his appointment brings many years of experience in working at the highest level of the Italian space industry to ESA Telecom.

  • SAT Expo 2003

  • DVB-RCS Service deployed on Shared Hub

    A new, shared, two way DVB-RCS IP satellite communication platform offering lower operating costs for Internet Service Providers and attractive IP services for end users has been recently deployed.

  • Hellas SAT to provide Broadband Satellite Access

    Answering the needs for broadband access in the region, Hella SAT is making an initiative by four companies possible. Called HOST (Hellas Sat Offering in Satellite Telecommunications), the project will provide end-to-end satellite telecommunication services in Greece, the Balkans, the Middle East and south eastern Europe.

  • New Terminal Type ready for Market Exploitation

    A pair of UK based companies have developed a state-of-the-art, low-cost, super small micro-terminal for multicasting, representing a new service introduction for satellite communication.

  • Ageing Satellites to help produce Intelligent Bus Shelters

    A combination of end-of-life satellites, small receiver dishes and downlink devices is enabling cost-effective Ku band multicasting.

  • Largest Telecom Satellite ever Reaches Orbit

    Early on the morning of 18 June 2004, an Ariane 5G lifted off from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. On board was the largest telecommunications satellite ever launched.

  • Telemedicine via satellite - the way forward

    ESA is one step nearer to establishing a Telemedicine via Satellite Programme thanks to a constructive meeting with telemedicine experts that took place at ESRIN early last week.