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  • IPv6 Presentations now online

    Final Presentations of the results of the IABG study into IPv6 and held at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk the Netherlands on Monday 20 September 2004 are available for download.

  • ESA Telecom shows Satcom Potential

    ESA Telecom had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of satcom based solutions to the public as well as dignitaries at the recent international event, SAT Expo 2004 held in Vicenza Italy.

  • DVB-RCS Architectures benefiting from evolution

    With the aim of enhancing satellite competitiveness, two groups of companies are defining and demonstrating new architectures for end-to-end integrated communications scenarios, representing a major step forward for DVB-RCS networks.

  • ESA Workshop to examine Digital Divide

    ESA together with the Henri Tudor Centre for Public Research is organising a workshop on the theme of knowledge-based economy and the digital divide.

  • REMSAT Provides Critical Solution in Summer Fire Season

    REMSAT is proving itself to be a valuable component in fighting Canadian forest fires. Meeting the high expectations laid down by the British Columbia Forest Service, especially in the recent dramatic fires in Lillooet Canada.

  • Signing of AmerHis Agreement between HISPASAT, CDTI and ESA paves way for first Multimedia switching Node in Space

    Antonio Rodot`, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), alongside the Director General of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) Vicente Gomez, and Jacinto Garcia Palacios, CEO of Hispasat signed an agreement leading to the development of a new multimedia telecommunication system called AmerHis.

  • ESA Telecom to make first time appearance at SAT Expo 2003

    At the upcoming SAT Expo 2003 trade fair in Vicenza Italy from 2 to 4 October, representatives from ESA Telecom and participating companies will be presenting a wide range of live demos, projects and advanced applications. Topics as diverse as Media Space to Galileo will be presented and satellite UMTS will make its debut.

  • ESA Telecom to attend SAT Expo 2004

    ESA Telecom will have a highly visible attendance at the upcoming SAT Expo 2004 trade fair in Vicenza Italy from 30 September to 2 October, emphasising the important role Satcom Applications have for the end-user.

  • Home Healthcare via Satellite

    March Networks Corporation has completed their ESA Telecom funded project TeLeCare by successfully demonstrating a video-enabled telehealth via satellite system that can be delivered over any network.

  • Announcement ITT: Equipments for Alphabus phase C/D: Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanism

    The Alcatel Space / EADS Astrium Joint Alphabus Project Team in its role as system responsible for Alphabus is in the process of issuing a competitive Invitation to Tender for the following activity: Electric Propulsion Pointing Mechanism.