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  • TeLeCare and Espresso to make French debut

    Two ESA telecom funded projects, TeLeCare and Espresso for schools will receive their first introduction to a French audience. The event will take place at the Salon des Maires in Paris this month.

  • Low cost Outdoor Units come closer to reality

    Invacom and Raven Manufacturing of the United Kingdom teamed up with ESA to develop the world's least expensive Outdoor Units (ODU's) and antennas for DVB-RCS systems. A target price for a 2W Ku-band output power unit, including an 80cm antenna, can reach less than 400 euro in production volumes of 1000.

  • Data dissemination for Earth Observation to receive efficiency boost

    Europe has achieved important successes in many scientific areas of Earth observation with SAR imagery, interferometry, oceanic altimetry, and atmospheric chemistry, to name just a few.

  • CONNECT newsletter 2/2003 now available

    Keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in Telecom can be a daunting task. But only if you haven't read The CONNECT Newsletter. Inside the latest issue, we have prepared articles on a wide range of topics which cover the most important developments and news within the ESA Telecom.

  • Interest in 'Global Reach' growing

    A recent report published by Alcatel Space, Avanti Communications and the European Space Agency states that there is evidence of a huge demand for the 'Global Reach' initiative. According to potential users the initiative should be started as soon as possible.

  • IP Security Demonstrator to be Installed at ESTEC

    A demonstrator testbed which will serve as a platform for applications developed under ARTES programmes is being installed at ESA ESTEC Noordwijk Netherlands. Installation will be completed on 12 September.

  • First International Conference on Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems

    Presentations from the completed ASMS Conference 2003 are now available on-line. Each of the presentations can be downloaded for your reference and also will be posted and available at the ASMS-TF web site.

  • Abaris sets the standard for music e-commerce

    Abaris sets the standard for music e-commerce

  • Music from Space

    Music from Space

  • Satellite firefighters in action this summer

    As resin-loaded pine trees explode into flames hundreds of kilometres into the primal Canadian forest, high-tech firefighters are turning to the latest in satellite technology this summer to battle these ferocious blazes.