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  • Analysis shows benefits for broadband connectivity in Europe

    Bridging the digital divide will remain a key issue in Europe for the coming years. ESA and the European Commission wish to consider the potential of space-based technologies, in conjunction where appropriate with other systems, to bring affordable broadband to disadvantaged or neglected areas such as rural and mountain areas, islands and far-flung outlying regions.

  • 'm' Learning Trials a big success

    The successful trials of the satellite based system are 'like having the classroom at home', say travelling children!

  • User-friendly Bandwidth on Demand

    Collaborative Network Technologies together with Telesat Canada have successfully completed their ESA Telecom funded project to bring Bandwidth-on-Demand software with advance booking improvements and easier user interface to commercialisation.

  • Trapeze project runs lifeline to remote areas

    A satellite-based teaching scheme currently under trial with travelling children in fairgrounds, circuses and other travelling communities could have far reaching implications for the future of teaching in remote locations.

  • Traffic jam hotspots pinpointed in advance

    Road Traffic Monitoring by Satellite (RTMS) is an innovative trial system that uses a fleet of tracer vehicles to detect congestion.

  • AmerHis undergoing In Orbit Tests

    The first In Orbit Test of the AmerHis 'switchboard in space' are being executed at the Hispasat Ground Station in Arganda Spain. Comprehensive payload tests will follow including verification of the system performance.

  • F5 receives 'Prize of the Jury' award

    The Austrian Ministry of Commerce presented the award for F5's "innovative digital TV development" under the ESA funded project EBIDS at the National Multimedia and e-Business awards in Vienna Austria.

  • Market Survey of Eastern Europe Underway

    What are the satcom opportunities for Europe's newest members? A new ESA funded study is investigating the market potential for broadcast and broadband services.

  • IPv6 Presentations now online

    Final Presentations of the results of the IABG study into IPv6 and held at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk the Netherlands on Monday 20 September 2004 are available for download.

  • ESA Telecom shows Satcom Potential

    ESA Telecom had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of satcom based solutions to the public as well as dignitaries at the recent international event, SAT Expo 2004 held in Vicenza Italy.