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  • ESA Telecom's Third Start-up Initiative a Great Success

    132 proposals for an ESA Telecom contract have been received in the most recent Start-up Initiative. Companies which have submitted a proposal can expect a reply by June 13, 2003.

  • SatLabs launches new website

  • ESA Telecom Announces 4th round Start-up Projects Initiative

    To date, ESA Telecom has launched three rounds of the Start-up Projects Initiative to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) enter the satcom sector. Previous results have encouraged ESA Telecom to expand and refine the scheme to build on the initial successes.

  • Irish schools to receive funding for broadband

    The Irish Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources together with the Telecommunications Industry Federation in Ireland have announced plans to fund Irish schools' access to broadband with 18 Million Euro.

  • SkyPlex due for launch

    Representing a technological and commercial breakthrough in flexible digital satellite telecommunications, SkyPlex is ready for launch on 16 March aboard Eutelsat's W3A satellite. This satellite platform will deliver Internet and TV services.

  • 'Start-up Projects Initiative' Workshop

    The latest workshop for projects from the Start-up Initiative will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2004. Its purpose is for SME's that have or almost have completed their projects to exchange experiences with those companies that have begun or are in the middle of their projects.

  • Integrated Applications and User Terminals Presentation online

    A presentation detailing the structure of the ESA Telecom Programme Line User Segment for the current ITT has been made available to companies. The public presentation, scheduled for Monday 1 March has unfortunately been cancelled.

  • ITT Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment open

    The ARTES-3 Line 2 theme "Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment" is to support industries who are in the process of developing or enhancing their products to match specific opportunities in the multimedia domain.

  • Now open - Technology ITT: 'Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment'

    The aim of the "Multimedia Ground Terminals and Equipment" Technology ITT is to provide support for industries developing or enhancing their products to meet specific opportunities in the multimedia sector.

  • Enhanced Skyplex EQM passes testing

    After extensive performance testing, the Enhanced Skyplex Engineering Qualification Model has been fully integrated on Eutelsats W3A Spacecraft and will be launched later this year.