ACROSS - Applicability of Cognitive Radio (CR) to Satellite Systems

Status date

The goal of the project is to study the applicability of Cognitive Radio (CR) technology to satellite communications networks. In this study, the following aspects are in focus:

  • Performing a state-of-the-art for CR/Flexible Spectrum Management (FSM)/Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in Europe and worldwide covering the different concepts, test bed implementations and possible deployments.
  • Investigation of the benefits of CR/FSM/DSA technology use in satellite communication networks and analysis of the trade-offs between these technologies and the satellite networks specificities.
  • Investigation of the potential scenarios for the applicability of CR/FSM/DSA technology in satellite communication networks.
  • Proposal of the technology development roadmaps and usage guidelines.

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To find out pertinent solutions for application of CR to satellite communication, to analyse the scenarios in detail, to draw a technology roadmap for the future, and to select the application(s) to be further studied.


To gain knowledge on cognitive radio techniques and their applicability in satellite systems. This project will help in finding good solutions for the efficient use of available resources both in broadcasting and two-way satellite communications.


Broad state-of-the art reviews on cognitive radio systems, channel models, and satellite systems will be made. Development of scenarios and use cases for application of CR to satellite systems will be carried out. Technical work carried out regarding the selected scenarios will include use of ready-made simulation models if they are needed and applicable. Otherwise, link budget calculations and analytical methods are considered.


The work is divided into 4 main tasks.

Task 1 focuses on state-of-the art work and will give a preliminary summary of relevant solutions.

Task 2 critically reviews the application scenarios with analysis and further enhancement needs.

Task 3 will further study the practical applicability and implementation of the CR concepts into existing networks.

Task 4 will summarize the study by providing an overview of the technology development roadmap and recommendation for further studies.

Duration of the project is 9 months.

Current status


The activity studied the applicability of cognitive radio techniques for satellite communications and defined several application scenarios that were validated in the project. A technology roadmap for the application of cognitive radio technologies in satellite communications is presented. In addition to technical aspects, the roadmap draws attention to business area both in terrestrial and satellite domain.

Based on the work carried out in this project it can be concluded that cognitive radio techniques can be applied in satellite communications with several different ways. Both the technical results as well as the proposed roadmap serve as a fruitful source for the research and development work in the area of application of cognitive radio techniques to satellite communications.