European Space Agency

Advanced Electrical Architecture


Improvement of the electrical architecture of the Eurostar 3000 platform:

  • Study the benefit of a decentralized TM/TC architecture of the communication module,
  • Improve the design and performances of the power distribution function,
  • Reduce the schedule and non recurring costs of the harness definition and manufacturing.


The Key issues are mainly to improve the power performances and the harness production flow from the customization phase to the manufacturing phase.


Benefits are mainly:

  • The extension of the power capability by around 200W for a given solar array configuration (therefore enabling savings in mass and costs or accommodation of extra payload components)
  • The reduction by three months of the non recurrent activities and by two months of the recurrent activities for the harness production cycle.


The project focuses on both system and subsystem activities and on the development and qualification of electronics as part of the power distribution function:

  • Preliminary assessment of the design and performances of a TM/TC decentralized unit,
  • Design and qualification of an improved Power distribution Unit to make production and accommodation easier,
  • Optimization of the charge by diversion principle with the qualification of hardware and the validation of software modifications,
  • Definition and validation of generic files and tools for the harness production process.

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The project was carried out within three years with the following milestones:

KO April 2006
BDR June 2006
MTR September 2006
FR May 2009


Current status


Qualification of Power Distribution Unit
Stacked PDUs
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PDU inside view
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The PDU MK2 unit is currently used on five commercial programmes.


Qualification of Relay Bracket RB322

RB322 outside view
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RB322 inside view
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The RB322 unit is currently used on seven commercial programmes for the implementation of the optimised charge by diversion.
  • Qualification of the Power chain modifications (HW and SW) for the optimization of the charge by diversion.

    The optimised diversion is currently implemented on seven commercial programmes, in production with various configurations:

    • Mono Power Supply Regulator (PSR) (1 project)
    • Bi PSR (3 projects)
    • Bi PSR with plasma propulsion (3 projects)
  • Development of a harness mechanical and electrical data base.

Status date

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 12:06