Advanced Mobile Payload Equipment

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Current and upcoming (regional and global) mobile satellite systems require new payload equipment, such as large antennas and beam forming networks. The proposed ASTE activity, which will cover several developments, aims to support European space industry in key technologies for the upcoming opportunities, such as the proposed EAST initiative. The Agency perceives that there may now be an interest in a limited number of member states with the required technology heritage to concentrate on the development of payload equipment for such missions and in particular in the semi-active feed system. A first invitation to tender under this activity will therefore concentrate primarily on the RF front-end. Other parts will be addressed in a subsequent ITT at a later point in time under the same ASTE activity. For this activity it is envisaged to place one or more parallel contracts, if the relative proposals address complementary markets and are found worth pursuing.

Diplexer activity with Rymsa: Future payloads for mobile communications will operate from a geo-stationary position via multiple spot beams covering large parts of the visible globe. These spot beams will be created by means of very large reflector antennas. The reflector diameter is expected to be larger than 10 meters. To illuminate the reflector a complex feed system is required consisting of a great number of radiating elements. Payload designs actually under development may need 80 or more feeds. In view of the large dimensions and the high mass, etc. it is obvious that the same antenna shall be used for reception and transmission. This requires behind each feed element a diplexer which separates the low level receive signal from the high level transmit signal. The development and the qualification of such a diplexer is the subject of this proposed procurement.









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