European Space Agency

CODYSUN - Collaborative and Dynamic Approaches to Increasing Spectrum Utilisation


This overall objective is to explore the benefits of  dynamic spectrum access techniques in satellite communication. This is further divided into three sub-objectives.

  • To identify relevant SATCOM scenarios and use cases for dynamic spectrum sharing. The scenarios can be either existing International Telecommunication Union (ITU) scenarios of radio regulation, or more ambitious scenarios that may require future adaptations of the radio regulations.
  • To study the feasibility, performances and benefits by applying automated spectrum allocation techniques over relevant SATCOM scenarios.
  • To formulate a strategy to enable the use of dynamic spectrum access techniques, also taking into account the necessary evolutions of the current regulatory framework


The main challenges are:

  • To show the benefits of dynamic spectrum sharing as compared to the fixed spectrum regulations which usually require database approaches.
  • For the two selected use cases, design and analysis of dynamic spectrum sharing techniques while minimizing the impact of interference between satellite and terrestrial segments.


CODYSUN is a nine months project. It has the following four phases:

Phase 1: Definition and selection of use cases [M1 – M2]

Phase 2: Design of dynamic spectrum sharing techniques [M3 - M5]

Phase 3: Performance evaluation and evaluation [M6 – M9]

Phase 4: Recommendations for future dynamic spectrum sharing developments in SATCOM [M9].

Current status

CODYSUN is in Phase 2 and the technical team is looking into the design and development of spectrum sharing techniques.

CODYSUN has successfully completed Phase 1 and Technical Note 1 (TN1) has been approved by ESA.

Out of seven use cases, two most promising use cases have been selected in consultation with ESA and the advisory board.

Status date

Friday, June 26, 2020 - 15:02