Command receiver 25GHz /IF Ka Ingenious Space Solution (KISS)


The objective of the command receiver development was:

  • To develop and to validate a 25GHz band RF front end using the current standard TAS-F Command Receiver in order to respond to the need of Command receiver for the reverse BSS frequency bandwidth
  • To improve the current generation product competitiveness by implementing cost effective solutions.


For the command receiver the key issues was: 
  • To elaborate the new circuit
  • To validate the design in a short time period


The main benefit expected for the command receiver was : 
  • Complete our portfolio of command receiver covering the reverse BSS band
  • Improve the current generation competitiveness by implementing cost effective solutions.


This development included :

  • Function development
- Mixer and by 3 multiplier MMIC’s design and foundry
- EQM RF MCM manufacturing and test
- Input filter design and test
- Isolator purchase
  • EM CMR integration and acceptance test using an existing TAS-F EM receiver for this integration and test task. Only the new modules (isolator, filter, RF MCM) were replaced on an existing unit.
  • RF MCM Circuit Type Approval (CTA)
  • CDR data package
  The new parts of this command receiver are detailed below:


The command receiver development logic was :
1.     To list the main functions to be developped on the hardaware
2.     To define the specification of each component
3.     To design the different functions
4.     To launch the manufacturing
5.     Validate the circuit on the first wafer
6.     Thermal qualification test of 25 GHz RF MCM
7.     25 GHz EM receiver acceptance tests and radiated EMC test

Current status

Command receiver

The 25 GHz command receiver development has been very successful, the 25 GHz command receiver is part of the Thales Alenia Space portfolio.


Status date

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 11:44