Compact Converter

Status date

The objective of the Compact Converters Programme was to complement and to further strengthen RSE’s generation of converter and receiver products, incorporating;

  • The design and development of a C-band Receiver, realised as an EQM and Qualification tested.
  • The design and development of necessary cross converter components, mixer and multiplier MMICs, both for Ku/C as well as C/Ku.
  • The design and development of a Ku/C Converter, realised as an EQM and Qualification tested.
  • Design and development of a more shock robust Crystal oscillator. The developed Crystal oscillator has been qualified in the last CCP EQM; the Ku to C band Downconverter.

The development has been concentrated to a large extent on hybrid design using MMIC design.

Key issues:

  • Excellent performance
  • Low mass
  • Small size
  • Low cost

The program has kept RUAG Space competitive both in Europe and US in the product area.


C-Band Receiver
The programme included the development, manufacturing and qualification of a C-Band Receiver, i.e. a 6/4 GHz Receiver. The functions specifically developed for the C-band receiver are the following:

  • Improved LNA section, which, in addition to the low noise amplification for the internal downconversion, enables transfer of a segment of the amplified input band to a separate Downconverter. This is made through the so called LNA break-out port. The LNA must provide amplification with low noise figure and high gain over the combined bandwidth for the Receiver and the Downconverter.
  • Improved output stage, with linearity performance for a total OIP3 for the receiver of >32 dBm according to the specification for the receiver.

Cross conversion Components
Cross conversion is an expression used for equipment providing conversion between the main frequency bands (C- and Ku-band). Major parts of the design can be reused from Ku- and C-Band converters, but there are some significant differences associated with this type of equipment.

  • New versions of MMIC mixers have been designed for cross-conversion equipment.
  • MMIC-multipliers have been designed to match the requirements on LO-frequency for different types of cross converters.

Ku/C-Band Converter
The Ku/C-Band Converter (14/4 GHz Converter) is the type of cross converter that is most frequently requested by the customers. A unit of this type will be built to EQM status with the Ku/C-band version of the MMIC mixer and the associated MMIC multiplier as integrated parts of the equipment.

Crystal Oscillator
The Crystal Oscillator and Step Recovery Diode boards (XOSRD) have been developed, manufactured and tested to improve the crystal oscillator in the Compact Converters / Receivers. The purpose is to secure a short delivery time, and also to improve the tolerance to mechanical impact, mainly shock. The developed Crystal oscillator has been qualified in the last CCP EQM; the Ku to C band Downconverter.



  C-Band Receiver  Ku/C-Band Converter
PDR Jan 2010  Mar 2012
CDR Mar 2010  Jun 2012
Final Review 2013  
Final Report 2013  


Current status

All activities are completed:

  • Ku to C-band Converter designed, tested and reported
  • C-band Receiver designed, tested and reported
  • Cross components designed, tested and reported Improved
  • Crystal Oscillator designed, tested and reported