Cygni - Next Gen Broadcast Platform

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Density and scalability of broadcast modulators, combined with high operational availability, is a key challenge for the broadcast market.

Another challenge is the flexibility of operations of high-end contribution modem capability. At the one hand operating with End-to-End multimedia integrated solutions, and on the other hand with a point-to-point stand-alone operations. 


As successor of the Polaris-platform, the NextGen Broadcast is a multi-functional platform, which can be easily customized to the functional needs. The dense solution and possibility of build-in redundancy reduces the Total Cost of Ownership. The interactive documentation and integrated Help-function in the GUI reduces furthermore the installation-effort. 


Reducing Total Cost of Ownership by use of

  • Dense modulator capabilities
  • High throughput – High modulation support
  • Hot swappable modulator cards
  • Dual homed operation possible
  • Fully redundant 
  • High value broadcast feature set
  • Optimized GUI with interactive help-function to reduce training and installation effort.
System Architecture

In the dense platform (1U), full build-in redundancy can be achieved for power-supplies as well for modem-cards. Main parts can be exchanged during operation to secure continuity of service. 


The duration of the activity is 24 months. The plan comprises Preliminary Design Review, where the architecture is defined (mainly hardware-setup and mechanics), followed by Baseline Design Review. Crucial point for the dense architecture is the possibility to exchange modules safely during operation by the customer. Further development and industrialization through Mid Term Review, Test Readiness Review, and Final Review target to complete the activity and release the product by end 2021.

Current status

The project achieved the preliminary design review (PDR) on July 2020.

Work in progress. 

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