Detailed Survey and Analysis of Danish Telecom Industry

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The study has been based on four major activities:

  • An industry survey and selection of companies using a number of data sources and information from expert stakeholders.
  • A workshop held in Copenhagen to present the ARTES programme and provide match-making opportunities.
  • Visits and interviews with the downselected portfolio of companies and research institutions.
  • Identification and description of business opportunities in Danish industry.

The identified business opportunities project a cumulated revenue of 285 MEUR and 260 new jobs created within a five year period - for a total public investment of 6.9 MEUR.

With the aim of establishing a well-informed basis for decisions regarding future priorities in the Danish participation in the ARTES program the overall objective of this study is to perform a detailed survey and business analysis of the core competencies, priorities and expectations in the Danish industry within ARTES.

The industrial survey and analysis in the study forms the basis for a set of justified recommendations and lines of action for Danish authorities with regards to how to exploit the identified business opportunities through national priorities in ARTES, the ESA Telecommunications Long Term Plan (TLTP) and other specific actions with Danish companies.

  • Preliminary identification of business opportunities,
  • Preparation of a national ARTES industry workshop,
  • Implementation of workshop and collection of results,
  • Detailed description of business opportunities and consolidation and qualification of action lines,
  • Recommendations for the development of a Danish business case with ARTES and TLTP.



Until now no systematic survey and analysis of the satcom-related core competencies, technologies and business opportunities of Danish industry has been performed. Therefore, the potential of Danish companies within the area of the ARTES programme and the nature of the associated business opportunities have not been known in detail.

A focused national effort within the framework of the ARTES programme can function as an important driver in the exploitation of the untapped satcom-related industrial potential in Denmark. Such an effort will not only contribute to the consolidation of proven Danish core competencies, but will also enable the development of new, strategic core competencies which can form the basis for sustainable competitive advantages on the global commercial telecommunications market in the years to come.

In order to build the foundation for a focused national effort and prioritize the Danish investment in ARTES in the most optimal manner, it is essential to identify the most promising business opportunities, i.e. those opportunities which are able to provide the most substantial return on investment.




The study logic is illustrated below and shows the overall project workflow and structure of the tasks and their interdependency.

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Current status

Project completed.