eLearning of DVB

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The objective of the "eLearning of DVB" project is to host a set of web based training (WBT) courses on Digital Video Broadcasting with a special emphasis on Satellite DVB. The courses are "Introduction to Digital Broadcasting" and "Satellite DVB Fundamentals".

Ossidian's primary market sector is web based training programmes within mobile and satellite telecommunications network operators and their supply chain (wireless equipment manufacturers, wireless systems integrators and wireless applications developers). The main target audiences groups for the "eLearning of DVB" courses are:

  • Managers who require an overview of this sector

  • Broadcast engineers wishing to study the latest developments

  • Telecommunication specialists who require some background knowledge"

Introduction to Digital Broadcasting" provides a comprehensive overview (3 hours duration) of the transmission of digital TV using digital technologies. The course considers the overall environment and background, as well as the technical issues. Particular emphasis is placed on the DVB Project and its standards. Other bodies in the sector are also considered. The relevant ITU-R & MPEG technical standards are described in some detail. Following on from "Introduction to Digital Broadcasting", "Satellite Digital Broadcasting Fundamentals" concentrates on the satellite aspects of digital broadcasting. It examines the various components and the operation of satellite broadcasting and considers the relevant DVB standards. It also examines the broadcast of data over satellite DVB.


  • Rationale for Digital Broadcasting

  • Basic Technical Concepts

  • Background to DVB

  • Digital Broadcasting Bodies

  • DVB Platforms & Markets

  • Conditional Access & Other DVB Standards

  • ITU-R Recommendations

  • MPEG Standards

  • Video Encoding

  • Audio Encoding

  • MPEG Transport System

  • Data Broadcasting

  • Introduction to Satellite and DVB Systems

  • Error Protection Coding

  • Modulation

  • Satellite Systems and Platforms

  • Link Analysis

  • MPEG Coding

  • DVB-SDVB-S and other standards

  • Transmission Techniques

  • Satellite TV Reception

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting

  • Data over Satellite

  • DVB and the Future

The style of the eLearning courses is tailored to suit access via even narrow bandwidth connectivity to the web and to facilitate integration into eLearning industry standards (AICC & SCORM) compliant Learning Management Systems and the planned ESA "eTraining for ARTES users" service.The learning objectives of "Introduction to Digital Broadcasting" are, that the user will, upon completion of the course:

  • Appreciate the advantages of digital broadcasting

  • Understand some of the basic technical terminology & techniques

  • Understand the background to the development of digital broadcasting

  • Have an awareness of the role of the different bodies involved

  • Understand the main broadcasting media used and the different markets for each

  • Understand the different DVB standards

  • Appreciate the role of ITU and MPEG standards within the DVB system

  • Understand MPEG encoding, compression and transport

  • Appreciate the different Data Broadcasting techniques in DVB

The learning objectives of "Satellite DVB Fundamentals" are, that the user will, upon completion of the course:

  • Identify the major components of digital broadcasting systems7 Appreciate the role the DVB Project

  • Understand the technical issues of the system components

  • Understand the operation of geo-stationary satellites

  • Explain the engineering of transmission links

  • Understand the DVB-S standard

  • Explain other standards relevant to DVB-S

  • Describe the operation of satellite TV reception

  • Identify the components of Digital Audio Broadcasting

  • Understand how data is broadcast over Satellite DVB

Users require Version 4 (or higher) Browser and Shockwave / Macromedia Flash Version 6 plug-in.

The "eLearning of DVB" project Web Based Training courses feature interactive animated technical illustrations and descriptions and multiple choice question (MCQ) tests.


"The Introduction to Digital Broadcasting" course was launched on January 10th 2003 from www.ossidian.com. The launch date of the "Satellite-DVB Fundamentals" course is February 27th 2003. Both are being exhibited at the 3GSM World Congress 2003 in Cannes, France, in February and at the DVB World 2003 conference (in association with the International Academy of Broadcasting - IAB) in Dublin, Ireland, in March.

Current status

The project started on 12th November 2002. The 1st Project Milestone was reached on 10th January 2003 with initial course launch from Ossidian's online eLearning Center (www.ossidian.com). AICC & SCORM eLearning standards compatible versions of 'Introduction to Digital Broadcasting' was completed on 16th Jan 2003. 'DVB-S Fundamentals' was completed on 19th February 2003 for review and re-publication with AICC & SCORM versions on 28th February 2003 thus marking the end of the project.