European Space Agency

Enhanced Local Oscillator for Frequency Converters


The objective of the current activity is to develop a Local Oscillator with enhanced phase noise performance to be integrated as part of MIER frequency converters.


This activity is aimed to design a more competitive product in terms of performance, schedule, price and flexibility.


This development will allow MIER to produce a more competitive local oscillator and therefore, be able to offer more competitive equipment for reception.


The enhanced local oscillator shall provide a clean output spectrum signal to be used in downconverters and upconverters equipment for signal translation.


The project is divided into design and EM manufacture and test phase.

  • Design phase from KO to MTR
  • EM manufacture and Test: from MTR to FR.

The planning for this activity is as follows:

  • BDR: November 2011
  • MTR: May 2012
  • FR: December 2012

Current status

The project is completed.

The following activities have been completed:

  • Detailed design and analysis
  • New technologies assessment
  • Local Oscillator Engineering Model (EM) Manufacturing, Integration and Test

Status date

Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 11:35