Eurostar 3000 100V Accommodation

Status date

The project objective is to perform the system accommodation of some of the electrical & power units developed in the frame of the Alphabus program within the Eurostar platform. This is a bottom-up approach constituting a move of the Eurostar generic platform towards a 100V power system and an additional step towards an ITAR free platform. The list of Alphabus inherited units is given here below.

Avionics CI Supplier Comments
100V PSR Astrium (ASE3)  
SBVR Astrium (ASE3) Idem PSR
PLIU (MPIU Mk2) Astrium (ASE3)  
Pyro Board CRISA In PLIU for Alphabus.
In ADE5 for Eurostar.
Fuse Boxes (HP&LP) CRISA High and Low power fuse boxes
G5 Cells SAFT  
SADM HP Astrium-UK Eurostar heritage. 100V qualification from Alphabus.
LSRU HTS For Itar free option only

The key issue was mainly to ensure the overall product consistency between a Eurostar inherited system and Alphabus inherited units. The Alphabus units were developed to match Eurostar functional and environment needs (in addition to Alphabus ones) and they shall be accommodated with minimum impact on the overall platform so that side effects are limited to a minimum.


Benefits of the 100V bus implementation can be summarized along two main headings: mass savings (due to 100V efficiency in terms of harness sizing converter efficiency, etc.) and recurring cost savings stemming from the use of payload units within the 100V core market and the single bus configuration.


The project focuses on the system or subsystem activities required to accommodate the Alphabus reused units within an already existing and qualified platform, and on the development or modification of some Eurostar specific units or functions required by the platform up-grade.


The project has been carried out with the following milestones: 

  • KO: December 06
  • BDR: Q2 07
  • MTR: Q4 08 and Q2 2009
  • FR: Q4 12
Current status

FR held in November 2012 : Project completed