European Space Agency

Eurostar 3000 Advanced Electrical Power Subsystem


Develop a new geostationary Li-ion battery concept for Eurostar 3000 platform embedding:

  • A battery packaging: the battery packaging for a single battery configuration requires significant redesign activities in order to take benefit of the simplification, optimisation and advantages which can be achieved at system level: It was necessary to split the single battery in two packs, each pack is derived from the current EUROSTAR 3000 battery concept.
  • A new battery management concept: this activity will allow developing an autonomous balancing circuit included in a hybrid package. The hybrid solution has been chosen for recurring cost aspects. In addition, a new EPS on board software module is developed in order to simplify the battery management based only on the battery voltage.
  • An optimisation of the VES140 thermal management: In order to improve the SAFT VES140 EOL performances, it is proposed to manage thermally the SAFT VES 140 cells at two different temperatures for equinox and solstice seasons. The proposed activity includes a new G4 Li-ion cells accelerated life test with a different regulation temperature.
  • External by-pass removal: this activity is a complement of the on going ARTES 3 activity under the responsibility of SAFT but at module level in order to assess the feasibility to remove the by pass on the EUROSTAR 3000 platform.


Key issue was mainly at BSM level with the development of a dedicated hybrid.


The expected benefits brought by the project, is an easier Li-ion battery management with an improved reliability and a lower mass and cost.


The key features of the enhanced EPS subsystem relies mainly on the use of an autonomous Balancing System Module (BSM Mk2) which is mounted on each cell module of the battery.

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The four activities have been performed in parallel and thanks to head start activities, BDR and MTR have been held simultaneously:

BDR: 18/10/2005
MTR: 18/10/2005
FR: 08/11/2006


Current status

Official Kick off held with ESA on the 18th of May. 2005.

BDR held together with MTR in October 2005 as activities have started prior ESA Kick Off. Contract is currently completed (FR held in November 2006).

Status date

Thursday, June 11, 2009 - 11:10