European Space Agency

Evolution of the EMS DVB-RCS Solution


The objectives of this project are to improve the EMS DVB-RCS product lines by adding new capabilities and advanced features. The products that are part of this project are the Return Link Subsystem (RLSS), Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT), and DVB-RCS Gateway.


The key issues addressed in this project are to add new features and improvements to the EMS DVB-RCS product line covering the following general areas:

  • RLSS/SIT flexibility Improvements,
  • RLSS/SIT improved adaptability,
  • RLSS/SIT improved controller schedular,
  • RLSS/SIT management interface enhancement,
  • Gateway end to end capability improvements,
  • Network Management improvements.


The potential benefits to the EMS DVB-RCS product line are to improve the flexibility of the design to accommodate a diverse set of operational uses, improvements to network management capability and general improvements to performance capability. Many of these requirements are based on expectations for operational use in the near future.


The system architecture is based on DVB-RCS and covers all the subsystems in the EMS Satnet product line: RLSS, SIT and Gateway.


The project plan consists primarily of developments in software for RLSS, SIT and Gateway products as well as a hardware development for SIT.

All developments will go through a validation process.

Current status

SatNet has successfully completed all of the activities for this project.

Status date

Monday, October 26, 2009 - 13:02