Evolution Management station OBP - eNCC

Status date

The proposed activity aims to implement a new release of evolved Network Control Centre (eNCC) as the evolution of the current NCC. This new eNCC should be developed to enable interoperability with several Operating Systems and hardware preventing the obsolescence of them. The eNCC must be compatible with open real time platform such as Linux Real Time and shall run on commercial servers.

The final result will be an open portable eNCC software platform. This development will pave the way to a competitive NCC with much more possibilities of development according to the new challenging market needs.


The key objective of the project is to develop an eNCC layered architecture, allowing the product to be compatible with any O.S. and HW only changing the low level libraries, without any impact in the Network Control functions. These low level libraries would be the only components that depend on the O.S. and the HW.


This new layered architecture permits not only the migration to a new platform but also the maintenance in the current CPCI boards architecture only changing the dependant libraries layer.


The evolved architecture will allow a flexible selection of the operative system and the hardware running the NCC functionality. Besides, the addition of new functionalities or more efficient algorithms will be much easier than with the already existing architecture.


The project plan follows the standard V development approach. It will follow the normal SRR – PDR – CDR – TRR process.

Current status