Extension of ADRAMO project -TM Data Rate Performance Improvement Analysis

Status date

ADRAMO Rider 1 is a 'holding project' for a series of SCOS 2000 telemetry performance improvement activities. It includes performance studies, generic packetiser and packet display extensions and the cache replacement by a new Client Packet Distributor (CPD). First performance studies show, that a packet rate improvement of 500% is possible.

This has great significance for constellation control, where one Mission Control System serves several satellites (e.g. telecommunication satellites).

  • A second packetiser for not time critical functions, new filter functions.
  • A new Client packet Distributor will replace the exiting Cache.
  • Performance tuning for Telemetry in SCOS 2000.

SCOS 2000 will gain significant increase in performance and data reliability.


Generic packetiser and Packet Display Extensions: Since the conception of the generic packetiser in SCOS 2000, some new ideas for performance improvements came up, which shall be realised within this project. E.g. a generic packetiser 2, dedicated for tasks, which are not time critical (e.g. tests, retrieval), shall be implemented. The generic packetiser 1 will always be dedicated to receiving life data. The displays will be enhanced by comfortable filter functions.

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Cache replacement by a Client Packet Distributor: Performance studies, which were performed during the first phase of the project, showed, that the overall performance can be improved significantly when data is not cached but just fetched and distributed. Hence this solution, called Client Packet Distributor, will be implemented.



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The ADRAMO Rider 1 project was kicked off in December, 2002. The Design phase was finalised in February 2003, with the Architectural Design Review. The Factory Acceptance Test will be at the end of May 2003.

Current status

Factory Acceptance Test successful.