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The electronics terminal has the ability to encode, in real time, video and audio in MPEG-4 or MPEG-2. It either transmits directly via satellite using a DVB transport stream, including encryption, or uses locally available telecommunications connections.

The terminal also incorporates electronic hardware to provide antenna control with auto-pointing and auto-acquisition software. It incorporates a communication modem to provide remote order wire capability and talkback facilities if desired.

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To integrate the MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 functionality into the terminal while keeping the terminal small and light weight without minimal loss of capability over more conventional terminals.


In taking advantage of the MPEG-4 video encoding techniques, the GigaManPack terminal provides a more highly integrated terminal than currently available. The availability of MPEG-2 encoding within the same package ensures it can provide enhanced video quality and use existing receive infrastructures where conditions allow. All the additional features will make the terminal easier to operate by a less skilled Operator.


The equipment comprises two complete boxed assemblies and follows a conventional indoor-outdoor split of electronics packages.

The outdoor unit (ODU) includes:

  • A 30W Ku band SSPA,

  • Block upconverter and,

  • Antenna drive units.

The indoor unit includes:

  • MPEG 2/4 encoders,

  • L band DVB modulator,

  • L band EOW modem for the communications package and,

  • enhanced terminal control features.

Connection to local G703 (E1) and IP ports will also be possible.


The Baseline Design Review meeting was held in December 2005 and completion is due during the summer of 2006. The final demonstration to ESA will be prior to 9th September 2006, after which the unit will be exhibited at IBC-2006.

Current status

The programme continues apace with the majority of the outdoor unit designed and the complete assembly currently under construction. Speed tests for the store and forward feature have been very positive and key elements of the indoor units have been designed and initial prototypes are in test or are due imminently.


Some delays have been experienced and the complete assembly is expected to undergo integration in late summer. GigaSat expects to provide initial demonstrations of the equipment at IBC 2006 in Amsterdam with final delivery later in the year. In field trials are expected during November.



Status date

Friday, June 20, 2008 - 11:58