European Space Agency


Development and Qualification of High Performance C-/Ka-Band Coaxial Circulators.


Choice of ferrite suitable for specific frequency band.


Availability of components with reproducible and stable performance.


  • Reproducible design due to optimization for automatized manufacturing.
  • Easy tuning based on tuning screws to be operated from outside the housing.
  • RF Performance suitable for equipment application (e.g. input multiplexers) but also as stand-alone components for platform application.
  • Inherently EMC tight due to use of one-piece steel housing.
  • All configurations (male / female; both senses of rotation) available.
  • All bands with SMA interface.
  • C-band downlink circulator and load also with TNC interface.


  • Development of electric design by breadboarding.
  • Development and qualification of processes.
  • Qualification of fully assembled components.

Current status

  • Depending on exact frequency bands.
  • Design partly finished and before start of qualification.
  • Still in design phase.

Status date

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 19:49