High Power Distribution Bar and Connections

Status date


The objective of the project is to choose the insulating and conductive materials, the shapes, the dimensions and the means of interconnection of the Axon' bus bar in order to provide qualified technologies to be integrated in a complete power distribution system on @bus service module.

At right is a brief drawing to show different bars used in their environments.


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  • Validation of insulating materials.
  • Validation of different interconnections mono & multi-potentials.
  • Validation of different bar assembly methods.
  • Validation of holding device.
  • Qualification of materials and technologies



Mass reduction:
All bars used in this project are in Aluminium alloy. Referring to Copper conductor the outcome of Aluminium density and conductivity is very good.


Thermal behaviour:
The thermal behaviour of bus bas is more efficient than wire strands because of bar construction which allows an excellent thermal conductance between conductor layers and a good thermal emissivity.


Size and shapes standardisation:
The goal is to reduce the number of bar types by standardising them to provide a complete power distribution system which fits to the satellite topology.


The architecture of the system is divided into several devices:



  • Flexible bars, dedicated to interconnect battery cells or cells group:
    - available in multi & mono layers
  • Rigid bars, to link all devices:
    - available in mono & multi layers with insulated potentials


Interconnections: (to interconnect bars together with low contact resistance)

  • mono potential
  • multi potentials
  • Flexible

Holding device (to hold bars on satellite walls):

  • Rigid
  • Flexible integrated


  • Comparison and validation of different insulating materials regarding electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics.


  • Development of different interconnections (mechanical and contact plating design) and comparison with qualified solution.


  • Development of different assembly method and comparison with qualified solutions.


  • Study if supports (holding device) could integrate with the mechanical structure of the bar or bar assembly.


  • The selected materials, processes and technologies are now to be qualified. The final objective is to qualify materials and technologies.
Current status

The Axon bus bar has been selected for Alphabus and the predevelopment integrated into the Alphabus development. Qualification is expected to be completed by December 2007.