High Power High Temperature (HPHT) Power and Signal Slip Ring assembly (PSSR) for Large Platform Solar Array Drive Mechanisms

Status date

To develop a compact size PSSR able to transfer the high power of coming large satellite platforms.  

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Improved thermal design is foreseen and the possibility to use materials able to withstand higher temperatures will be investigated. All design choices will be evaluated while carefully considering their associated costs in order to reach a cost efficient product. Special attention in this regard will be given to the chosen production methods.


The development of a PSSR thermal design allowing the transfer of high power under high temperature conditions.

Identify materials able to perform at high temperatures.


To have a high power PSSR with new technology being able to withstand current and future high operational temperature requirements.


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  The PSSR provides the electrical interface between the satellite and the solar array. It is part of the Solar Array Drive Mechanism.

The PSSR is a self-contained unit constituting a structural housing and a rotor supported by bearings. Its function is to transfer electrical power circuits and electrical signal circuits and provide an interface for a position sensor. The PSSR is not included in the load carrying path between the satellite and the solar array.

  1. A requirement specification is established in collaboration with the Alphabus team.
  2. Three conceptual designs are conceived and a trade-off report is issued in order to choose the most suitable design.
  3. A detailed design and associated analysis are performed on the chosen PSSR design.
  4. A detailed test plan is edited and the hardware is manufactured.
  5. Testing is performed.
Current status

A new slip ring has been designed, an EQM manufactured which is currently under qualification testing. The activity is expected to be completed at the end of 2007.