Improved Control Strategy For Geo Power Busses

Status date

The objective of the activity is to analyse and apply innovative power bus control schemes for geostationary missions. The aim of the new control scheme is to improve the power bus quality and reduce the size of the bus capacitor without a negative impact on the reliability of the system.


  • Reduction of power system mass

  • Coping with increased multi-junction solar array capacitive parasitics

  • Reduction of the power bus capacitor

  • Improvement of power bus quality

  • Reduction of thermal dissipation

  • Fault-tolerance

The developed control scheme is expected to lead to a significant reduction in mass for a geostationary telecom satellite power system.


A GEO power system using the control scheme developed should weigh less than a corresponding traditional S3R regulated system, while maintaining (or improving) bus quality in terms of bus ripple, load transient response and bus impedance.

It is preferred that the new control scheme does not involve major changes compared to the S3R, but uses the already installed electronics (BDRs, etc) within the PCDU.


Task 1:

  1. Identification of the critical parameters that are design drivers in terms of bus quality and bus capacitor sizing.

  2. Identification of the maximum bus capacitor saving achievable.

  3. Investigation of different possible control strategies that can either reduce the bus capacitor size or improve the bus quality.

  4. Investigation of the control strategies in terms of practical implementation, parts availability, stability performance, tolerance to failures, cost, etc.

  5. Perform a trade-off analysis between the possible solutions, and choose the one (or two) most promising concept(s) for the remaining activities.
Task 2:

  1. Completion of a detailed design and analysis.

  2. Testing of the proposed concepts in a demonstrator power system.

  3. Comparison of the test results to the expected results from the analysis.
Current status

All tasks are completed.