Status date

The INDIGO Project (Intelsat Newtec DIaloG Open System) is the fourth (4th) planned industry-driven Public Private Partnership (PPP) to be funded under ESA ARTES 33 element. The objective of INDIGO is to deliver an innovative Ground Segment solution to support and effectively exploit the benefits of the next generation of multi-beam, multi-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks.

With INDIGO, the global Satellite Operator, Intelsat (US), in partnership with Newtec (Belgium), the European Industrial ground segment supplier, propose to bring to the market an innovative and competitive Satcom solution based upon an evolution of the Newtec DIALOG ground segment solution. This PPP is the first of its kind, bringing together the first opportunity to partner and enter the ecosystem of a prominent global Operator and the first PPP to focus exclusively on a ground segment development activity.

The 3 year contract aims to leverage the opportunity for global growth by deploying and operating a European developed ground segment within the IntelsatOne network and EpicNG global constellation of HTS satellites, offering a first mover advantage for European suppliers in an almost exclusively non-European competitive arena. The combination of a highly versatile Space and Ground Segment with increased performance aims to lower the total cost of ownership and enable the provision of end-user services in multiple market segments not economically viable previously.
To achieve this, the INDIGO activities cover the development and qualification of new key technologies, with innovations to the DIALOG modems, hubs, and network management system, offering new and improved features such as, advanced carrier management, capacity management and load sharing mechanisms, beam switching and satellite handover solutions, terminal line-up and calibration automation, as well as satellite payload configuration methodologies, all targeted at leveraging the benefits offered by multi-beam, multi-band, high capacity satellite constellations and the diverse global markets and services they aim to serve.

INDIGO will offer the opportunity for all partners and European sub-system suppliers to expand their product and service portfolios within a highly competitive market, while also gaining heritage through the world wide deployment of several commercially pre-operational pilots designed to demonstrate and validate the DIALOG innovations, and subsequently lead to full commercial service deployment by early 2018.
The contract was signed on the 16th of June at the Paris air and space show by Magali Vaissiere, ESA’s Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, and Stephen Spengler, CEO at Intelsat, in the presence of Serge Van Herck, CEO at Newtec.