European Space Agency


The objective was to develop new technologies for integrating both Ku-and Ka-Band onto one antenna structure in a cost-effective, high performance solution. A prototype based upon an 85cm antenna was manufactured. Originally an antenna size of 120cm was planned (thus giving the name B120C to the project), but due to market input the smaller size is chosen and considered more appropriate. 
The developed solution was tested and verified against technical requirements set forth in the project.


Find a technology for a cost-effective integration of Ku- and Ka-band.


Several satellite operators will implement Ka-band coverage in coastal areas, while Ku-band will be used for deep sea coverage. Thus, a combined Ku/Ka-band VSAT antenna will make it possible to have a cost-effective operation in coastal areas while maintaining coverage nearly globally.


A maritime VSAT antenna comprising:

  • A combined Ku/Ka-Band feed
  • One Ku- and one Ka-band transceiver


Finalised development in 2013.

Current status

Project is finished.

Status date

Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 11:33