Jotron B70: Stabilized platform on ship

Status date
The objective of the project was to develop competitive and small 
stabilised antennas for broadband at sea for Ka- and Ku-band
Smart sensor fusion for high tracking accuracy, mechanical robustness, 
low life cycle cost, advanced remote support tools, easy installation and 
easy onsite conversion from Ku to Ka band.
Lower production cost, lower life cycle cost and higher performance 
than existing antenna platforms.
The main benefits of the project are the development of advanced validated physical-statistical propagation models to be used for systems studies. Specific environments such as maritime, aeronautical and urban have been considered.
In this study, two types of achievements have been reached:
  • A fully integrated transceiver directly interfacing the antenna centre feed:
    • Full flexibility in remote selection of receive and extended transmit frequency band and co-pol and x-pol without external boxes.
-Gives lower inertia i.e. less motor torque requirements.
-Lower weight
-Lower centre of gravity i.e. less forces from tangential accelerations and vibration/shock
-Easy access for service
  • Tracking performance::
    • Advanced calibration and control loop algorithms which enables accurate and reliable stabilisation and tracking with low cost sensors.
    • Stabilisation and tracking algorithms optimizing on peak pointing error.
    • An advanced tracking receiver which can independently of the VSAT modem can check the communication carrier qualities, provide a transponder spectrum and match this to a stored spectrum library
  • Fast finding of the selected satellite under heavy sea conditions:
    • Sensor fusion of inertia and low cost position sensors for directly finding the satellite under heavy sea conditions.
    •  Extra built-in sensors enabling operation without external sensors (gyro compass)
  • Sensor box mounted fixed to dish 
  • Automatic calibration and setting of a fixed TX gain between the VSAT Modem and the Transceiver for best return link efficiency
  • Support 
    • Fully web based interface for test, support, diagnosis and service accessible inside radome, on the ship and remotely
  • Single cable between ADE and BDE
  • Easy onsite conversion from /to B85Ku to/from B85Ka
  • Easy factory conversion from B85 to B60 any band
  • Dual band low loss radome

The development was finalized in September 2014.

Current status
The projected started in July 2011 and the three products Jotron 
B85Ku, Jotron B85Ka and Jotron B60Ka are ready for commercial