European Space Agency

K band Power Dividers


The objective of this program is to design and qualify some particular power dividers designs in the Ku and K band.


Main challenges in this program:

  • Power Dividers for 17GHz-22GHz band
  • State-of-the-art technical performance
  • Size and mass reduction

All these points, understanding the hardware as a product targeting a variety of customers and payload needs while in a future scheme of recurrence.


Having a high performance product space qualified for most satcom applications, in addition to cost reduction and lead time improvement to respond to commercial opportunities.

Mier will increase its product catalogue in the high frequency range.


Mier will develop stand-alone products using SMA connectors, focusing on electrical performance, mass/envelope, schedule and cost. Another goal is to define a product that can be used in the entire frequency band.


There will be different designs to be qualified.  Some of them validated at EM level.

The planning is as follows:

  • PDR:13/11/2012 - Concluded
  • CDR:17/12/2012 - Concluded on EQMs. Pending on delta CDR for EMs
  • TRR: 12/02/2013 - Concluded on EQMs.
  • Delta CDR: 05/13/2013 - Concluded
  • Delta TRR: 09/04/2013 - Concluded
  • FR: 22/05/2013 - Concluded

Current status

Project has been completed.

  • 4 EQMs have been qualified (1:2 Ku, 1:2K, 2:2Ku & 2:2K)
  • 9 EMs have been designed, manufactured and measured in temperature (1:2, 2:2, 1:3Ku and 1:3 Ka, 2:4Ku & 2:6Ku)

Status date

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 17:01