Ka-band CMUX with stacked solution Ka Ingenious Space Solution (KISS)


The objective of the study was to develop and qualify a CMUX stacked solution with a significant saving on footprint

  • to improve accommodation of such units on Communication Modules,
  • to answer to the growth of spot quantity on Multimedia architecture.
30GHz CMUX with stacked solution is needed for maintaining Thales Alenia Space competitiveness on the market.
This product is key to the competitiveness of payloads, and will allow Thales Alenia Space to successfully address the open market.


RF Design
2 Channels CMUX, 8 poles, including Input and Output Isolators       and Coupler.
Mechanical housing optimisation
Dimensions of the tuning screws optimized to reduce the distance   between two channel Filters.
Preliminary design
RF design : trade-off performed to implement a manifold instead   of Isolators and Coupler.
Mechanical design ensured by flexible brackets on front face and rigid structure at CMUX output. Thermo-mechanical decoupling between Input and Output of each CMUX
Acceleration on components : test performed on Isolator sample 
According to the trade-off results, the preliminary design is confirmed as the best compromise between mass, footprint, assembling constraints, and input/output access. 
Final design:  
A Mechanical structural Breadboard of the Stacked CMUX, representative in mass and inertias, has been developed in order to measure the dynamic responses through a series of vibrations tests, and to verify and to readjust the damping factor inside the numerical mechanical model.
The mechanical design has been optimized considering several aspects :
  • Mass (less than 300 gr. per Channel)
  • Modal response 
  • Random Stresses 
  • Random accelerations on components :
  • Thermo-Mechanical stresses 
  • Thermo-Mechanical CTE 
Footprint saving : 78%   
Mass saving : 3 %
Qualification tests sequence
  • Initial Performance Test 
  • Vibration test 
  • Post Vibration Test
  • Shock Test 
  • Post Shock Test
  • Thermal Vacuum Test –20°C/+70°C
  • Insertion Loss Monitoring 
  • EMC tests 
  • Final Performance Test
  • Final ICD control

EQM stacked CMUX has successfully passed the following qualifications tests. 


The capability to develop and to test at Qualification level a stacked CMUX with 4 slices has been demonstrated.
The initial objectives related to the Mass and the Footprint savings have been fulfilled
Thales Alenia Space is now able to bid this new Product on the new Programs


THALES ALENIA SPACE proposes here to design, to develop and to qualify a 30 GHz CMUX with a stacked configuration. The stacked CMUX is composed of slices including each one 2 CMUX stand alone.


The activities are organized in two phases:
Phase 1
  • Mechanical housing optimization, with a target to reduce the mass of the preliminary design.
  • Preliminary mechanical analysis.
  • Components (isolator, coupler) limitations, especially regarding vibration and shock environments.
  • Trade-off  including improvements achieved with the different stacked solutions and trade-off mass/footprint
  • Mechanical Design Review.
Phase 2:
  • Stacked CMUX configuration analysis
  • Alternative solution to decrease mass from stacked CMUX
  • Electrical design validation
  • Final mechanical analysis
  • Drawing files and ICD
  • Manufacturing and qualification tests
  • Supplying and qualification of the components
  • Manufacturing and CMUX tuning
  • Full qualification tests sequence

Current status

Qualification tests and Final review are completed.


Status date

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 11:38