Low Cost Single Channel 30/20 GHz Downconverter

Status date

To design, manufacture and test an EM of a low cost single channel downconverter from 30 to 20 GHz. The unit will comprise of RF/IF chain, internal LO generation, DC/DC Converter and TM/TC Interface. To achieve a low cost, advanced technologies like MMICs and hybrids will be used and the aim will be to have a design with efficient assembly, tuning and testing.


The development will be concentrated to a large extent on hybrid design using MMIC design.


Key issues:

  • Excellent performance
  • Low mass
  • Small size
  • Low cost

The program will keep Saab Ericsson Space competitive both in Europe and US in the product area.


The proposed program contains the establishing of equipment requirements and a modular design concept for a 30/20 GHz Downconverter.

The Downconverter includes a hybrid including LO generation chip, Mixer MMIC chip, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) MMIC chip, Power Amplifier (PA) MMIC chip and filtering. Waveguide input and Coaxial output interface, DC/DC Converter, TM/TC interface, LO reference signal generation and gain control are located outside the Hybrid. The Mixer MMIC is designed as part of this project.


BDR Aug 2006
CDR Oct 2008 
Final Review Feb 2010
Final Report Feb 2010
Current status

The project has been completed.