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This project called mrStream has three objectives:

  1. To follow up on the success of the Espresso for Schools project (supported by ESA under ARTES 3 Theme 1.2) by using the Espresso delivery system to support a Market Research (MR) panel consisting of pupils, teachers and parents. Multimedia MR material will be delivered to the schools by satellite and a series of surveys completed on a range of topics, supported by recorded interviews. Between them, these create a valuable content source for the commercial market.
  2. To develop a software and communications architecture for the contribution and multicast of video and data content (including that generated as above) by satellite to provide commercial users with greater insight into consumer attitudes and behaviour than is possible from the techniques and technologies currently used by MR agencies and their clients
  3. To establish the viability and value of two-way satellite communications in the contribution and distribution of multimedia content for the MR industry.


The major issues to be addressed in the project are:

  • the contribution, management and satellite delivery of disparate data types
  • the implementation of a two-way service using DVB-RCS

Digital assets (survey results, tables, analyses and analysis tools, video of 'expert voices', behavioural, ethnographic and semiotic topics) will be rendered portable, locatable and usable from the end-user's desktop via a familiar browser interface.

In particular, by allowing the user to integrate such multimedia assets, the mrStream service will 'bring MR data to life'.


Please see the Espresso for Schools project for the architecture by which material will be distributed to school sites. For the commercial sites in the project, digital content from a variety of sources, including data and video, will be brought together into a managed content repository, where it will be themed and channelled. Selections from this asset base will be multicast on a scheduled and ad hoc basis to caching servers at the pilot sites for desktop viewing and manipulation.

The return channel will be implemented via DVB-RCS, through which MarketStream and other content providers, including the content recipients, can update the managed repository. This return channel will also assist in the monitoring and management of the network.

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During the pilot operation MarketStream will:

  • execute market research surveys and record on videotape interviews and focus groups;
  • develop, test and implement a content management system;
  • install receiving equipment and caching servers at pilot sites;
  • multicast (package delivery) to pilot sites;
  • monitor and review the commercial and technical success of the service.
Current status

The Enlightening Project was exhibited to delegates attending the Canllaw Online 2004 launch event at the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells, 12th February 2004. Jane Davidson, Minister for Education and Life Long Learning in Wales made the Key Note address. Delegates from all over Wales attended the event and had the opportunity to learn about The Enlightening Project. Without exception, every young person and Youth leader who learned about Enlightening expressed the strong desire to participate in the programme.