Multimedia Satellite Equipment - ECOMUX (Extremely Compact Output Multiplexer)

Status date

The number of channels and the power per channel in satellite payloads is continuously increasing. Therefore there is a strong need for high power, low loss output multiplexers with as small a footprint as ever possible.

The objective of the project therefore is the development and qualification of a new type of output multiplexer with:

  • Improved power handling capability (300 W per channel),
  • Reduced insertion loss,
  • Improved removal of heat from the filters,
  • Dramatically reduced footprint area,
  • Reduced mass.

Key issues are:

  • Advancement of design software,
  • Electrical optimisation,
  • Mechanical and thermal design.

Expected benefits brought by the project are:

  • Improved electrical performances,
  • Reduced mass,
  • Reduced footprint,
  • Improved reliability by reduced number of parts.

Output multiplexers constitute a basic element in the payload of a telecommunication satellite. They connect a multitude of power amplifiers to the transmit antenna.


The project has 4 main phases:

  • Design trade-offs,
  • Breadboarding,
  • EQM development and manufacturing,
  • Qualification testing.
Current status

EQM qualification (5 and 10 channel OMUXes) completed. Final Review successfuly performed.