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The scope of Mx-SAT is to prepare the groundwork and mitigate the risk and challenges for candidate improvements to the Newtec Dialog® system.

The main driver for this development are HTS and VHTS satellite systems, improved scalability and higher efficiency.

The main goals of the ARTES C&G Mx-SAT project are to prototype key components (i.e.: return link, and the Dialog® processing platform) of the system in order to:

  • Anticipate on the requirements to handle the high throughputs associated with HTS and VHTS systems.
  • Investigate applicability of technology advancements on the Newtec Dialog® system.
  • Tackle and resolve shortcomings of the existing Newtec Dialog® system.
  • Mitigate risks related to performance, cost, and time to market.


The key issues are:

  • Low cost of ownership for the subscriber
  • Network capacity enhancement
  • Low network CAPEX and OPEX cost
  • Network scalability: support from several hundred to hundred thousand of user terminals and high overall throughput (>10 Gbps);


Benefits include:

  • Improved scalability
  • Lower OPEX
  • Improved density
  • Prepared for the new technology evolutions on the satellite


Scalable and efficient Point-to-Multipoint satellite communication system with fixed and mobile, consumer and professional satellite terminals.

System Architecture

The Newtec Dialog® system contains a Newtec Dialog® platform and Newtec Dialog satellite terminals.


The project runs over 36 months in two steps.

Step-1 contains proof of concepts (MS1-3), and small-scale verification of the improvements (MS4).

Step-2 defines the preliminary requirements and architecture (MS5), includes large-scale verification of Step-1 proof of concepts (MS6), and concludes with introducing additional proof of concepts (MS7). 

Current status

The MX-SAT Step-1 is completed.

The project is now running in Step-2, having achieved MS5 on September 2019. 

Status date

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 08:25