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Klas have developed the Pioneer range of hardware products to provide optimimised data, voice and video access to secure networks over satellite. The Pioneer range of products including Pioneer Express (GRRIP), Pioneer 2200, Pioneer 2300 and Pioneer 2500 all leverage the KlasRouter product which integrates routing, VoIP and WAN acceleration in a compact low-power device.

The project has two parts. Firstly a Network Acceleration Client (NAC) was developed for use on a Windows PC to provide SCPS-based WAN Acceleration for use over satellite networks such as Inmarsat BGAN. The NAC was tested and verified in a customer network using BGAN. Secondly an existing hardware platform was upgraded from Linux 2.4 to Linux 2.6 to take advantage of additional capabilities available only for that software platform. The revised HW/SW platform was verified over Inmarsat BGAN.

Network Acceleration Client

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The principle objective of the NAC subproject is to provide optimum satellite throughput while minimising the amount of equipment that the user needs to transport. Traditionally hardware devices are used for this purpose which in addition to the transportation aspect also need to be powered. This impacts the ability of users to be mobile while maintaining access to an Enterprise Network. By integrating the routing and WAN Acceleration functions in software on a pre-existing Windows laptop the NAC provides a considerable improvement in usability and portability.

Linux 2.6 on KlasRouter

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Ensuring that communications are both secure and at the highest speed possible is a common requirement for satellite users. By integrating Linux 2.6 on KlasRouter it supports the ability to provide a FIPS-approved IPSec VPN function while integrating seamlessly with the on-board WAN Acceleration features.


Certification and Accreditation is a key requirement in the satellite sector particularly in the government sector. Certification schemes such as DIACAP or FIPS 140-2 are detailed and take a considerable amount of time so careful planning is required to ensure that timelines can be met.


When integrated in the Pioneer range of baseband systems both the NAC and Linux 2.6 KlasRouter provide additional features in a smaller package when compared with competitors. Klas have achieved the integration of both government-certified encryption and WAN Acceleration In a single product such as Pioneer Solo or Pioneer 2300 providing increased ease-of-use and reduced cost to the customer.


Network Acceleration Client
WAN Acceleration technology is typically delivered via a dedicated hardware device which must be connected inline with the satellite terminal. There are size and weight implications for this usage which can be avoided by using a software application providing similar features on a Windows laptop.

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The Network Accelaration Client is a Windows installable application providing WAN Acceleration features on a Windows laptop. In addition it has a powerful routing component which can be used to connect to existing gateways for satellite-based services. Routing features include RIP, OSPF, GRE. When Integrated with the Pioneer Solo product the NAC provides an excellent single-user system for access to secure networks without the need for a separate routing device.

Linux 2.6 on KlasRouter

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KlasRouter is a compact routing module designed specifically for use with satellite networks. As a converged IP device it provides multiple features such as routing, VoIP, WAN Acceleration and encryption. The hardware used in KlasRouter has been supported historically by Linux 2.4 only which has a relatively limited set of network features compared to current Linux variants. Linux 2.6 provides a powerful software platform which provides support for Multipoint GRE, NHRP and FIPS-certified IPSec VPN with both AES and elliptical curve algorithms.


Network Acceleration Client

  • Build compact Linux distribution and convert to a Virtual Machine,
  • Port KlasRouter features for routing and WAN Acceleration,
  • Package the VM a one-click install package,
  • Verify the operation of the software in simulated and live environment,
  • Carry out Certifications necessary to support it’s use by customers.

Linux 2.6 on KlasRouter

  • Evaluate Embedded Linux availability for KlasRouter,
  • Build kernel and filesystem for chosen Linux distribution,
  • Port existing KlasRouter features from Linux 2.4 to 2.6,
  • Add new features now available with Linux 2.6,
  • Test and verify operation of KlasRouter for legacy and new features.

Current status

Network Acceleration Client
Both development and certification aspects of this project have been completed. The NAC has been embedded in the Pioneer Solo and is offered to the market as a compact system for access to Government Enterprise Networks over Satellite transport.

Linux 2.6 on KlasRouter
The upgrade to Linux 2.6 has been key to the development of a FIPS 140-2 approved VPN function on KlasRouter. This feature has been certified by US NIST under FIPS 140-2 and is the only compact router available for use over satellite which embeds WAN Acceleration, VoIP and Encryption capabilities in a small package. It is currently marketed successfully as part of the Pioneer 2300 and Pioneer 4600 products from Klas.

Status date

Thursday, February 27, 2014 - 08:53