OSMOSIS - Optimisation of Streaming Media Over Satellite Infrastructures


The objective of the project is to develop a reference end to end hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial network which will serve as a platform for prototyping product offerings in the areas of multimedia broadcast, adaptive bitrate streaming, content distribution networks and end to end quality of service management. Specifically the aim is to enhance the end to end hybrid network to use broadcast techniques to populate network edge CDN appliances which can support and cache (normalised) ABR streaming content, while maintaining good QoE and QoS characteristics.


  • Enhance baseline platform to support eMBMS
  • Integrate CDN appliances at the hub and remote sides
  • Enhance platform to support the efficient delivery of ABR streaming media
  • Investigate how best to harmonize the QoS management mechanism present in each network segment in order to achieve a good overall QoE


  • Reduced backhaul traffic
  • More efficient use of satellite bandwidth
  • Improved user perceived quality of experience


  • In order to support LTE Multimedia Broadcast the system will include software defined UEs and eNodeBs with support for eMBMS
  • The CDN appliances will support caching of streaming content at the networks edge (remote side)
  • The system will be enhanced to support the efficient delivery of ABR content over satellite back haul

System Architecture


The project consists of the following work packages: 

  • WP1000 - Multimedia Broadcasting
  • WP2000 - End to End QoS Management
  • WP3000 - CDN Integration
  • WP4000 - Adaptive Bit Rate Video Streaming
  • WP5000 - Reference Platform Integration
  • WP6000 - Project Management

Current status

The project started April 20th 2017 and is progressing as planned. 


ESA Contacts

Status date

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 10:46