Power Supply Regulator for High-Power Communication Satellites (PSR 100V)

Status date

The PSR100V development is based on PSR50V heritage, which has been developed in the frame of STENTOR. The target of the development is to increase the PSR power capability in order to allow:

  • Using one PSR instead of two for mid power range,
  • Increasing the power range of Eurostar platform.

To reach these programmatic objectives, the PSR has to be able to provide 21kW (twice the PSR 50v power) with the same thermal interface (6 heat pipes) and dimensions than the current 50V PSR.  

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The project target is to obtain design confidence trough analysis prior to manufacture and qualify EQM unit. A complete data pack will be provided and in particular worst case, part stress, FMECA, test plan, mechanical and thermal documents.


Troughs the power increase of the PSR, generic power technologies have been developed. It will improve the competitiveness of the current PSR50, in particular for the power module, and of the E3000 platform trough the possibility to use the Alphabus units without structure accommodation.


The Power Supply Regulator design is based on a modular approach in order to cope with specific mission requirements by minimizing the non-recurring & recurring costs. Its internal structure is designed to comply with reliability target with a single unit per spacecraft.

The Power Supply Regulator is versatile and can be adapted to a large range of missions, thanks to the two main parts of its architecture:

  • A central module including the core functions,
  • A set of Power Module (including the Array Switch Regulator for the sunlight mode and the Battery Discharge Regulator for the eclipse mode) up to 16 units depending of the required output power.


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Based on Power Module and Auxiliary Power Supply demonstrators designed in the frame of an previous ARTES 5 contract and on TMTC boards which will be designed in the frame of a third contract, the project plan is to up date the control board and the distribution board to manage these power board.

The issue is to manufacture and to qualify a 16kW PSR (12 power modules for 16 at maximum).

Current status

The PSR architecture has been defined:

  • The electrical schematics have been designed.
  • The mechanical analysis has been computed and the report document will be delivered in 2 weeks
  • The Thermal analysis has to be run.

The board design reports are available and have to be signed in the next few days.

The board part stress are available and have to be signed in the next few days, except for the control board part stress which is still in progress and will be delivered for the 14th of May.

The PSR design report writing started the week 18 and will be delivered the 17th of May.

The target date for the data pack delivery is the 17th of May.

 The target date for the MTR is the 2nd of June.