ReSCUE (Remote Services Communications for Urgency Events) - 5G SatCom Networks for Remote Services

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This project is the Definition phase for an intended future Demonstration (PoC) phase. Its objective is to define an end-to-end integrated System (terrestrial + satellite) to support public safety operations. This end-to-end system includes a 5G SA terrestrial network and a satellite transport link complementing regular terrestrial transport links.


The Public Safety use cases considered place diverse stringent network requirements (e.g. latency, throughput, mobility, coverage), which the solution needs to accommodate all.


The product is a private 5G network with local core and Satcom, offering high availability and ubiquity, even for major disasters (e.g. post-hurricane, earthquake). This integrated 5G SatCom system brings about unique advantages in terms of coverage, increased reliability, ultra-robust extreme broadband low latency connectivity, as well as massive networking for e.g. IoT.


The product consists of an end-to-end integrated system (terrestrial + satellite) to support critical public safety operations. The main components of the product are the following:

  • 5G SA terrestrial network

  • Satellite transport link 

  • Terrestrial transport links

System Architecture

The system architecture is based on 5G private wireless network with local mobile core, enhanced with satellite link, which addresses in an ideal way public safety use cases as it offers high bandwidth and low delay for local communication/applications, while satellite link enables maximum flexibility for ad-hoc deployment in normal and especially (mission) critical situations. 

Satellite link is ideally based on MEO (or LEO). 

The main building blocks of the end-to-end solution and PoC are:

  • Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, providing 5G RAN, 5G core and local edge server and IP router -where applications can be running locally- deployed in the field. With this set-up a rescue mission or remote ad-hoc hospital (disaster or pandemic context) can be emulated

  • SES satellite link -based on (portable) VSAT or with satellite terminal embedded in rapid response vehicle- providing a L2 (MEF- E-Pipe) connectivity service

  • X-connected to Eth terrestrial link between the satellite comm. Provider gateway/PoP and a central monitoring/dispatching location in Netherlands


The key milestones of the project are: 

  • The mid-term review (MTR), July 2021, focusing on Use Case selection and Architecture definition 

  • The phase completion review/Final Review (FR) after 22 weeks, to present the outcome of the Definition development phase, including conclusions and recommendations.

Current status

The activity is completed in November 2021.

The main achievements of are: 

  • Full documentation of the Use Case selection

  • Definition of the System Architecture and Network requirements  

  • Detailed description of the Proof-of-Concept.

A follow-up ARTES Demonstration phase activity is under preparation.

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Dutch Police
The Netherlands
Dutch Defence
The Netherlands