SAT-AIS Private Public Partnership (PPP) Scheme - exactEarth

Status date

The objectives of the project are to investigate and propose a Satellite based Automatic Identification System SAT-AIS Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme. The key Objectives are:

  • Investigate the possibility of merging the commercial system with the institutional assets to meet the URD,
  • Propose a possible hybrid system,
  • Propose a business model that leverages the strengths of the different players.

Currently the private sector has taken the lead in the SAT-AIS market. The big challenge is to find a PPP scheme that addresses the various interests driven by the User Requirements Document (URD) to a higher Quality of Service and to find a way to ensure that user applications are developed in time to grow the market. Ultimately the user is less interested in how the data is produced, they are more interested in how the data helps them do a better job.


The project is expected to produce a scheme that allows Europe to have an AIS-SAT system in the most cost efficient manner, that meets the URD and produces value added services.


The architecture of the system is based on the use of current and planned exactEarth assets augmented by the Institutional assets to meet the user needs. exactEarth currently has 4 operational satellite and 4 more to be deployed soon. The data and operations centre are fully commissioned and operational.

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The work is to be completed over a six month period.

Current status

The study team performed the final presentation on the 26th July 2012.