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Satcom Market Monitoring II


The initial phase of research of the Satcom Market Monitoring project completed in September 2008 identified some potential trends in the evolution of the satellite communication market, the industry structure and the roles of the actors. The objective of this project is to examine how the situation has evolved since that work was completed and whether the trends identified are occurring or whether there is evidence of alternative trends.


The European satellite communication industry has undergone major changes in the last few years in terms of the markets, industry structure and the competitive environment in which it operates. It is important for ESA to understand these changes and the impact on the European and Canadian players in order to enable it to create future programmes which will enhance the competitiveness of European and Canadian industry.


The primary benefit is expected to be a better understanding of the evolution of the satellite communication markets and industry and what is influencing this. By monitoring the evolution over a relatively long period it is expected this will give better insight into the way it is evolving than a single snapshot.




The following will be carried out at intervals of nine months:

  • Identify and categorise the events which have occurred over the preceding nine months which could provide evidence of the way the satellite communication markets are evolving;
  • Examine the impact of the events on the following:
    • Key satcom market segments;
    • The evolution of the satcom industry;
    • The competitive position of satcom;
    • The economic and social return for Europe and Canada.
  • Identify evolutionary trends and compare these with trends previously identified.


Current status

The first update report has been completed and can be viewed on the right hand side under 'Documentation'.

Status date

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 13:10