S-Band Wide Coverage Antennas

Status date

Saab Space (SE) has in its product range of S-band omni antennas the well-performing quadrifilar helix antenna with more than 100 FMs delivered in different versions up to now. This antenna type is however quite demanding with respect to development work when new coverage requirements are to be implemented. The present design requires large manufacturing effort for some parts and also detailed assembly.

SE now sees a market demand for S-band wide coverage omni antennas which need to have adaptability of the radiation patterns with regards to each programme as well as low NRE cost and short delivery times. Thus we need to add this possibility and further develop the S-band wide coverage omni antennas in our product range. We also see the need to further optimize the designs for volume production.

The objective of the study is the development and verification of new and competitive additions to the present set of S-band Omni Antennas. The EQM antenna that will be designed and manufactured within the contract shall also be used for demonstration purposes in our marketing efforts.


Key issues:

  • Make conceptual designs to cover known requirements,
  • Define a modularization concept for the antenna family,
  • Detailed electrical/mechanical/thermal design,
  • Manufacture and verify the EQM antenna,
  • Verify the EQM antenna.

The program will keep Saab Space competitive in the product area Wide Coverage Antennas.


The study is to develop and verify new competitive members to the present set of S-band omni antennas. This is done by performing:

  • Requirement assessment,
  • Identification of coverage types to be subject to the detailed design,
  • A study and a trade off of different conceptual designs meeting the requirements,
  • Electrical and mechanical designs of the selected antennas,
  • Materials, parts and process technological design and qualification,
  • Breadboarding on selected antenna parts. Final design of the antennas,
  • Manufacture and test of one EQM antenna.

Within the design work topics like modularization and standardized interfaces between modules and towards the S/C shall be emphasized. The activity shall also focus on good productibility of the antennas to facilitate an efficient production, assembly and testing for large quantities and low cost.

BDR 21 Dec 2006
MTR 31 May 2007
Final Review 29 Sept 2008
Final Report 27 Oct 2008
Current status

The final achievement will be a third generation qualified S-Band antenna.