European Space Agency

SC1000 Field Terminal


The SC1000 Field Terminal project has the objective to improve the SDS-Mk2 satellite based narrowband data services for mobile and static applications. A new terminal is built with lower power consumption, remote configuration and monitoring, L- and S-band support and extra features. The base station and over the air protocol are redesigned to support the new SC1000 terminal.

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The SC1000 Field terminal collects data from external sensors and the GPS satellites. The data is formatted and send to the Land Earth Station (L.E.S.) through a leased L- or S-band satellite link.

In the L.E.S. all data packages are decoded, filtered and transferred to the Datacenter.

The Datacenter stores the data packages in a central database and forwards data to the billing servers, back office applications and customer defined destinations.


The key issues of the previous generation of terminals were the terminal cost, the power consumption and the remote accessibility. All of the issues are addressed in the SC1000 project as reflected by the features of the new terminal/system.


The cost of the terminal and the operational costs are lower than the previous generation terminal and system. That together with the extra features and lower power consumption opens the path to additional markets for the product.


Present Features (2007)
Future Features (2008) End-user applications

  • Fast after theft position notification option

SpaceChecker’s Field Terminals

  • Expensive terminal price
    Lower terminal price for all field terminals
  • High power consumption / Limited battery autonomy
    Lower power consumption / Larger battery autonomy for all field terminals
  • Case-by-case terminal-field application interface programming
    Standardized terminal-field application interface for Trailer & Reefer Packs

Overall System Operation

  • Manual switching to back-up satellite
    Remote frequency settings updating of all terminals
  • Manual field terminal end-user configuring
    Remote field terminal end-user configuring of all terminals

Remote monitoring of field terminals (Back Office Monitoring tool)

  • Limited system capacity
    Larger system capacity

Overall System Architecture

  • Access to L-Band satellites
    Access to L- and S-band satellites


Milestone Time Date
Negotiation Meeting / Kick-Off:
PDR - Prior work
To + 9M Jan 08
MR1: Critical Design Review To + 17M Sep 09
MR2: Deployment Acceptance Review To + 22M Feb 09
 MR3: Final Review To + 28M Aug 09


Current status

The complete design of the system has been done and the new functionality is tested in simulation and partially with preliminary hardware. The first field testing with prototypes is expected to take place in the first trimester of 2009.

Status date

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 - 13:17